what is the amount of time needed to fully get all ur gel into the skin b4 showering? and PM apply ?

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:cool::confused::eek:Question about time for androgel 1% to set in..... is 5 hours enough time to leave on? then moisturize 1 hour after applying.. then shower at 5 hours? or should it be left on longer if possible ?

with summer coming, its going to be hard during the day to have it on and go to the beach , pool ect......

SECOND QUESTION: Will if effect me that much IF on occasional days it is applied AT BEDTIME to avoid contact or going in water?
I know ur T levels are up the most in the AM, but if 1 or 2 days out of the week it is used at night will that be bad?? if not at bed time, at least after my day is over like 5 or 6 pm:?

any response would be great! thank you.

I am on 75mgs a day of 1% 6 pumps a day...
-thank you