Very sudden onset of acne in scalp...why?

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Im currently taking 110mg/week of Test-Cyp, split into two 55mg shots twice a week. I do not take any HCG or AI, and I haven’t really noticed make balls shrinking. I’ve been on this routine for 3 months. I was taking 250iu of HCG 3x a week, but stopped doing that 7 weeks ago.

Just two days ago, my scalp exploded with tons of little pimples in my hair. Mostly at the crown, but also on the top of my head, and just a couple here and there on the sides.

No appreciable acne anywhere else. I have 1-2 on my face, but that’s not entirely abnormal. 1-2 on my shoulders, but again, that’s not entirely abnormal either. The scalp though...there’s a LOT and it’s very out of the ordinary.

Any idea why this would have happened so suddenly even though I have been feeling great and on a steady routine? I use sunrise pharmaceuticals (cvs) brand test-cyp, and I always rub the top of the bottle with alcohol before inserting the syringe to draw it out. I’ve changed nothing about my routine and this suddenly happened. Any ideas why?

Thanks in advance!


I have to be very diligent with my scalp, twice per day, but I use selsun blue, supposedly the selenium base ingredient is better at getting dead skin cells to slough off. I also wash my pillow cases every other day. DOn't use any gel or mousse, either, and resist touching your scalp as much as you can.
Acne on the scalp is uncommon, so if your condition persists I suggest that you consider other causes. You don't have it on the usual places so why on the scalp?

I have had both folliculitis and fungal infections of the scalp as the result of heavy sweating while wearing hats and bike helmets. If it is truly acne then it could improve with salcylic acid astringent. If it is bacterial you may need antibiotics. For fungal infections I was prescribed ketoconazole shampoo by a dermatologist.
I don't really have an acne problem but ever since starting TRT I do have occasions where I will get some pimples on my scalp. It's not regular but it's weird getting them on the top of your head. Some of them never get a head and the bump disappears and some have a head.


When I shower. I wash my head and face with a zinc soap for any acne and rosacea. I've never had a big problem with acne. I use it more for rosacea.