Very low Alk Phosphate in blood test, carrier for hypophosphatasia gene, T related?

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My Alk Phos came back as low, really low. It has been low when tested in the last two years since I started this journey. It is now less than half of the bottom range reference number. in December it was 24, its now 18.

We lost our two biological children in infancy to hypophosphatasia. Has any one run across a link to this genetic condition involving low T?
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Apr 17, 2015 alk phos. 21

It and my two other liver, ALT,AST were lower at this last blood test. My T is really elevated right now, it happened in 2016 when the worlds smartest DR was helping me also. That time was the only other time my ALT,AST came back out of range.
My ALK PHO however has always( when checked and remembered) been in the low 20's. I can buy the low 18 for a change with T elevated, but constant 20's?