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My TSH has moved up 1.0% from 2.1 to 3.1 in a 12 month period.
New blood work done.
Outside of TSH is there anything that stands out?
Gained 10 lbs and haven't changed diet any.
Your thyroid is showing signs of distress and unexplained weight gain is a common symptoms of thyroid problems. I believe more tests are needed, mainly antibodies and thyroid peroxidase (TPO). T4 is below midrange, Free T4 is low. DHEA is also at the lower end.

Testosterone is also low.
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10-4 on the Testosterone.
Been off for 7 months.
Did more blood work today to check it.
I'll order the additional thyroid panel to check it.
Will post.
Thanks for the reply.
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Thanks Orrin.
I suspect my thyroid and adrenals are suspect.
My blood work just this minute came in. 6/14/2018.
I've been off T for 7 months now and I'm slowly climbing upwards using herbs supplements and diet.
TT is 420 up from 367 last month.
FT is 7.7 up from 6.9.
Estradiol is up from 18.0 to 29.0.
PSA is down from 3.1 to 2.4
I have been using Rhodiola and Ashwangda with boron.
Something has bumped my estradiol which I'll watch closely.
I have come to the conclusion though that nothing beats exogenous Testosterone
but unfortunately my HCT is a problem.