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Hello guys!!! I’ve been lurking for some time and finally wanted to post here. I currently live in the Denver area. I found out about two years ago that I had Low T. I was feeling awful, tired, sleepy all the time, brain fog, and felt like all I wanted to was sleep. I went to my PCP and described my symptoms. She gave me an injection of 100 of Testosterone Cyp I believe. That was in 2015. I felt like maybe I should go see a urologist here in the Denver area. I went and seen the urologist and he prescribed me arimidex once a week. My levels at the time we’re low 100’s at the age of 27. I took the arimidex and it bumped up I believe to 400. I took it for 4 weeks. Still felt awful. I then asked to see another doctor and was prescribed clomid 50 mg a day. I took that and really didn’t notice a difference. I also noticed my joints hurts and was sore a lot as well foggy vision. Still felt the same with low sex drive and erection issues as well as the noted above. I felt hopeless because the doctor told me I wouldn’t be able to have kids if I went to injections or gel. That scared me so I just figured I’d deal with it. Last time I seen him i said yeah I’m feeling somewhat better and not taking the clomid and his response “well then what’s it mater?” Felt pretty crappy because it made no difference. Few years pass and now I’m 30 and feel worse. Last test levels were 300’s a year ago. I went and had a sleep study done to see if that helped and of course I had sleep apnea due to weight which I’m sure is the low T. So I did that for a bit and noticed a difference for about 6 months. Same ole same after that. Now I’m reading about hcg and testosterone injections together and it may be okay to still have children. I do have a 9 month old at home that I’d like to have a lot more energy for as well as not get any gel on him from the topical stuff. I’m scheduled to see a urologist next week in Denver metro area and really want to try the hcg and Testosterone injections route. I also work my butt off in the gym and never really get results and it takes all week to recover from some workouts where I’m sore for 5 days. Any suggestions or help I could get on this topic? Anything is welcome. I’m new to this blood work stuff and all that. I’m going tomorrow to get blood work done.

Note: when I was younger and a lot dumber and I mean way dumber I was into bodybuilding and took 250 a week of test Ethanate as well as equipoise the same dose. I ended up gettin really scared and stopped halfway through week 3. Young and dumb I know. I do feel like such an idiot for doing that crap on my own. Like o said young and dumb and wish I never did that.
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It wouldn't hurt to have thyroid checked as well when you have these labs drawn.
Get those done and post them here and you'll get good responses and advice.
Also, in the meantime, browse this site for a list of good docs.
Sounds like each of the ones you've been to had very little idea what they were doing.

Thank you so much for the reply. I will definitely post my labs as soon as I get them. I got my thyroid checked in January and it was perfectly fine. Thank you again!!!
The question is what do you consider normal for thyroid labs, within ranges? There have been a lot of guys coming in here saying the same expect thing, thyroid is fine then a year later they come in here wondering what's wrong only to find out their definition of fine was unacceptable and were hypothyroid the entire time.
I would say having your free T3 and your free T4 in the upper 90% range and low reverse T3, off hand I don't know how low. Others have told me you're free T3 and free T4 only need to be in the top 75% range.
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I can post my thyroid numbers as well. I was seen in a weight loss clinic since that is my goal right now and during that visit my doctor ran a bunch of test on me including my thyroid to make sure that wasn’t an issue.
I can post my thyroid numbers as well. I was seen in a weight loss clinic since that is my goal right now and during that visit my doctor ran a bunch of test on me including my thyroid to make sure that wasn't an issue.
Yes post all your labs and current protocol.