Tri-Amino Injections

I'll be curious what you hear back.

Defy authorized me to purchase vials, but the price of injections over powder drove me to use powders.
When I considered it ultimately decided that I didn't want to inject up to 1mL of fluid SQ almost every day. Bulk powders like bulksupplements I found to be more economical and easy to use.


I agree don't buy the injectable. Too much trouble and cost with the injectables stick with bulk supplement powders.
Bulk supplements products are inferior compared to a place like True Nutrition, I noticed a significant difference between the two, imo.
Has anyone tried Tri-Amino or injectable L-Arginine and L-Citruline with positive benefits? Thank you!
I have never felt the "greatness" that TRT users feel from testosterone despite MULTIPLE protocol changes (test prop, hcg, sermorelin acetate, anastrozole, etc)...I've felt the same or worse...; however, was able to put on muscle VERY EASY.

Having tried the powdered aminos from bulk supplements, I have used the injectable Tri-Amino and is one of the FEW things that gives me a boost in energy...enough to go to the gym and start working out. If you don't mind injecting yourself "again" then go for it. I really recommend it!
I also get a really good boost when working out from my nitric oxide stack. More energy and I'm actually building muscle with it.