thyroid,testosterone and bloodpanel

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I got some bloodpanel i hope to get some input on.
I have hashimoto's but not sure if it primarly the lack of t3 or low test that makes me feel total supressed.
I also have herpes simplex and pelvic pain syndrome.

the symptoms are:

Very easily stressed
poor sleep
lack of sexual desire
poor recovery after workouts
dont burn fat (carry around belly only)
flat emosionally most of the time.

As far as i understand i need more t3 because i dont convert good enough.

The supplements i take and have taken for 1,5 year has helped alot,here is a list:

omega-3 fish oil
flaxseed oil (i alternate between these oils every other day)
Hi potency b-complex
k2 as mk-7
5000iu d3
1000mg c-vit
added for 10 days ago:
iron bisglycinate
super selenium complex 100mcg
himalaya livercare
Have developed a ton of food intolerance the last two years,what i eat now and works good is:
lot of different vegetables,much of it everyday,white and sweet potatoes,red meat and boiled cod.
no processed,no gluten,dairy or grains,neither chicken or eggs because of reactions all of a sudden.

i have supplemented with iodine for awhile but stopped as it swelled throat even more.

i have a meeting with a endo very soon hopefully,but i dont think testosterone treatment will be a topic because im above the levels,i hope he can atleast give me prescription on ndt.

well here are the bloodpanel:

p-alat (10-70) is 27U/L
p-gamma gt (10-80) is 18U/L
p-alp (alk fos) (35-105)

b-hemoglobin (13,4-17) is 15,8g/dl
b-hematocrit (0,40-0,50) is 0,46 part of one.
b-erytrocytter (4,2-5,7) is 5,3 (10E12L)
b-mcv (82-98) is 85fl
b-mch (27-33) is 30pg
b-leukocytter (3,5-11) is 6,7 (10E9/L)
b-nøytrofile gran (1,5-7) is 3,27 (10E9/L)
b-lymfocytter (0,8-3,7) is 2,54 (10E9/L)
b-monocytter (0,2-0,8) is 0,41 (10E9/L) High
b-eosinofile gran (0,0-0,4) is 0,12 (10E9/L) High
b-basofile gran (0,0-0,1) is 0,02 (10E9/L) High
b-trombocytter (145-390) is 212 (10E9/L)
p-iron (9-34) is 20umol/L
p-transferrin (2-3,3) is 2,9g/L
p-tibc (49-83) is 73umol/L
p-ferritin (30-400) is 208ug/L
s-kobalamin (vit b12) (180-670) is 370pmol/L
s-free tyroxine 88-21) is 21pmol/L
s-tsh (thyrotropin) (0,5-3,6) is 4,71mU/L
s-free trijodtyroni (3,1-6,2) is 4,8pmol/L Should be higher?
s-progesteron (max 3) is 0,4nmol/L
s-estradiol (max 0,20) is 0,08nmol/L
total testosterone (6-35) is 16,5nmol/L
free testosterone(2,3-9,9) is 5nmol/L
shbg (8-60) is 33nmol/L
cortisol (101-536) is 279nmol/L
thyreoperoxidase (max 6) is 884U/ml
natrium (137-145) is 141mmol/L
kalium (3,6-4,7) is 3,9mmol/L
calsium total (2,15-2,51) is 2,46mmol/L
chlor (98-110) is 100mmol/L
bilirubin (5-25) is 21umol/L
ldl cholesterol (83,3-6,9) is 4,6mmol/L
hdl cholesterol (0,8-2,1) is 1,49mmol/L
uric acid (230-480) is 327umol/L
psa (0-2,5) is 1ug/L
protein total (62-78) is 75g/L
karbamid (urea) (3,2-8,1) is 6,5mmol/L
kreatinin (60-105) is 91umol/L
eGFR (kreatinin) (max 80) is 90ml/min/1,7 3m2. (High protein diet??,have halfed protein intake to 100 grams a day after this bloods)

I have been told to test reverse t3 before trying ndt,iron i have already started supplementing with as i said.

Hope for some input on what you think and on those high values please.
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after supplementing iron and seleneium i have more energy and less brainfog,better mood and memory,started to burn fat aswell,i do feel better overall but not quite there yet,always cold on hands and feet and still a bit depressed and some anxiety,but nothing near the mood/state before changing diet and adding supplements.

But have had some inflamation and enlargement in prostate,also the need to urinate alot and not getting it all out,some pain in the urinary tract.

The inflamation comes as i said with herpes outbreaks and subside when outbreak retracts,the herpes can be triggered by stress,which in next turn triggers inflamation in prostate,working on not to stress and it sure helps. Other than this,prostate is not triggered by weightlifting or jogging,just the herpes.

Have also helped change diet and only eat clean for the hashimoto,this have build up some strength in my imunnesystem but i need t3 and some t4 i think.

I read its rare to have herpes induced prostatitis,its because of the herpes virus also affect the rectum-passage and develops inflamed fluid that comes in contact with the prostate and inflames it,when this happens the urinary tracts and bladder gets effed up aswell,know pretty much what is going on there but will visit and urologist soon to make sure everything is good.
They did some bacteria-growth on the semen and it was ok.

Still need ndt i think,hands and feet are very cold much of the day. Do you think adding ndt will strengthen imunnesystem and further suppress the herpes virus even more,thus eliminating the prostate inflamation?

Is biopsi of prostate only way to make sure its ok down there? or is a camera examine enough for them to conclude the situation?
Are thinking of trt after checking prostate is ok and being dialed in on ndt,first prority is prostate and ndt before anything else.
im 35 by the way.
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