Thyroid labs

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free t3 range 2-4.4 mine is 2.8. This was right before taking my 120 mg armour. Is this ok considering it would be the lowest point or should my free t3 still be higher even 24 hours after my armour dose?
At 2.8 FT3 you are under dosed or maybe low iron? I believe you should be trying to get your FT3 to 3.5 minimum. If you want it to be optimal. Some people need it at the very top of range (like me)
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You are 3.5 right before your next dose of thyroid medicine? This was 24 hours after my dose so I'm sure I'm much higher the first 12 hours. What dose are you to hit above a 3.5?
Yes do your labs just before your morning dose of NDT. My FT3 is 4 and I take 25mcg Cytomel (synthetic T3) and I take 200mcg Synthroid (synthetic T4)

Each Natural dessicated thyroid pill is approx. 60 or 65mg and in each pill is approx. 9mcg T3 and 35mcg T4. So your taking 2 pills daily and that amounts to approx. 18mcg T3 and 70mcg T4.
I would suggest splitting your dose, one grain in the morning, one grain in the afternoon. T3 has a short half-life so better to split it up. Do that for another 4-6 weeks then test again in morning, if still under 3.5, I would bump it up to 1.5 grains in the morning, 1 grain in the afternoon. Just my opinion.
As we've discussed prior, 2.8 might/could be a bit low at 2 grains, but would like to know where your Free T4 sits, Reverse T3, and just for grins how does TSH reflect with these labs?

Agree, take labs prior to meds. Splitting between morning and afternoon can indeed work in favor with T3 half life.
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Sure! Also had vitamin 86.7 ng/ml,folate was 15, b12 was 1200, and the one I didn't like was ferritin it was 319 so I wanna donate until it's around 150. I told chris I didn't do tsh or free t4 but tsh is normally right around 1 or slightly under and my last free t4 was 1.19 so it's mainly my free t3 I want higher which is why only had that and the vitamin test this time to try and rule out conversion issues.