thoughts re my testosterone panel for defy ...

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i inject 30 mg nadrolone and 30 mg testosterone and 50 mg hcg, all of them twice a week. after looking at my most recent labs, defy upped my t amount from 20 to 30. all else has remained constant. how's everything look to you guys?

last time i had labs, my t level was around 900. don't know why the big drop. i have been feeling tired lately. the defy person said i ought to get a full thyroid panel, since i am on synthroid and the dose might be off.

also: i want to try cabergoline again for anorgasmia. i tried it before and my prolactin level went down to .8. does it still look too low?

testosterone free. 6.6 - 18.1 range. 15.2

testosterone total. 264 - 916 range. 450

estradiol: 7.6 - 42.6 range. 8.4 (not sensitive, sigh, which i can't seem to get)

shbg. 19.3 - 76.4 range. 30.8

prolactin. 4 - 15.2 range. 8.4

hct. 40 - 52 range. 48.6

dhea. 48.9 - 344.2 range. 107.2
Nothings wrong with your prolactin. Problems with orgasm are probably from test and or estradiol being too low. Estradiol is not sensitive so we really don’t know your level. Why are you taking nandrolone? Defy prescribed that for you?
If you get a Thyroid panel..."panel" means a lot of things but make sure you get these 5:

Free T3
Free T4
Reverse T3

If you can afford it do these, to as iron problems can inhibit T4 > T3 conversion:

Iron, Serum
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His SHBG is 30.8. Joey is correct HCG is in IU not mg's so I assume you meant 500 IU twice a week for HCG? Your TT is too low but your free T looks reasonable. I would concur with raising from 20 to 30 also your DHEA is low and you might ask about that too.
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the nandrolone is for a muscle-wasting disease i have.
can you not surmise anything from the non-sensitive estradiol number?
IUs, yes, on hcg. i'm just pulling the needle plunger back to the 50 level.
thanks, vince, for the thyroid panel list!
and thanks, all, for weighing in.
i inject 30 mg nandrolone and 30 mg testosterone and 50 mg hcg
Are you sure your script isn't something like:
0.30 cc Nandrolone Decanoate (200mg/ml) ==> 60 mg nandrolone 2x/week,
0.30 cc Test. Cypionate (200 mg/ml) ==> 60 mg 2x/week
500 IU HCG in 0.5cc suspension 2x/week

Have you been getting enough sleep?