The Big D Mistake (review)

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This is an interesting review on the need to reevaluate the recommend levels of D3 intake to reach optimal levels of 25OHD. What caught my attention in particular was the claim there exists a statistical error " the Estimation of the Recommended Dietary Allowance of Vitamin D"

According to the author:

"... a correct reanalysis of the data used by the Institute of Medicine, proved that 8895 IU/d are needed for 97.5% of individuals to achieve values ≥50 nmol/L. Heaney et al. [9] confirmed that finding, reporting that 6201 IU/d were needed to achieve the Endocrine Society’s recommendation of 75 nmol/L and 9122 IU/day to reach 100 nmol/L."

Full paper:
Most doctors think checking a Vit D level is a complete waste of money. As long as the level is above 25ng/ml, they're very happy.

A typical starting dose beginning with your 25-hydroxy vitamin D level, is 6000-8000 units per day in oil-based gelcap form (to ensure absorption). I would wait 3 months before obtaining a follow-up level to allow a "steady-state" to be achieved.