Testosterone for life - Dr.. Abraham Morgentaller - Reccomemded

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An older book (2009) that covers some of the same topics as Shippen.
A few chapters are not current, but it is interesting to see what "cutting edge TRT" was in 2009 and what we know of it today.
I think Shippen is more detailed in his coverage of the physiologic aspects of testosterone, in both male and female.
Morgentaler covers more nuts and bolts and labs with an interesting section talking about the different laboratory test for "TEST".
There is utterly amazing sections that cover "test and prostate cancer" and "Treating men who have a history of prostate cancer". That alone is enough to get the book IMHO. You want to know how misinterpreted data becomes medical dogma for decades, read these sections.
Easy read with limited medical mumbo jumbo.
The book is good basic info if your knowledge of the subject is limited.
If you live and breath TRT this book will most likely cover subjects that you are already up to speed on.
The book is not bad, but Jay Campbell's book on TRT is better. He is coming out with an updated version of it soon and he often gives books away for free on his website.

I am a patient in Morgantaler ‘s clinic in Boston and have had consults with him. His protocols are considered too simple by many here, but they have worked great for me. He doesn't prescribe HCG or an AI randomly and is rather conservative. I am fortunate that I have access to the care at Men's Health Boston.

TRT and the info on this site can be a rabbit hole of information. I stick with Morgantaler ‘s protocols because they work for me. I was told that I am having a better than average response from him, and when I asked about an AI or HCG he basically told we if It ain't broke, why fix it? I am going to be 64 in 3 months so maybe that's why I have had a great response.

Morgantaler's book on male sexuality is his best, with lots of good advice and infor on options for ED, what men need and want from sex and intimacy. Worth buying and sharing with your wife or partner.
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I could tell from my read that his approach was "If it aint broke don't fix it" :)
I also enjoyed his discussion on T, total T (and ALL the parts), SHBG and how all the parts work together. I was a bit confused on how important SHBG was before I read the book. I am not now:)
I started Jay Myer's book now and will move into Campbell's book after.
BTW for folks that might consider buying some of the older books, Amazon used books is your friend. Most time you can get an older copy for a few $$ that is almost (or in some cases) new....
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