Targets? What should my T be? I just got back 576... confusing.

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I'm 46 and have many of the symptoms of low T and it's been going on for about 3 years. So I was surprised to get back a Testosterone serum of 576. that doesn't seem that low, but I'm listless. I've lost my motivation, and I'm a classically motivated on point kind of guy. I don't really want to live after 3 years of this. I can't please a woman because I don't stay hard, I start and then fade. My diet is incredibly clean paleo/keto. I don't drink, I'm active, in very good shape, very thin and a bit muscular, and everyone tends to think I'm a little or a lot younger than I am, and used to have very high sex drive until three years ago (with a taper of a year before that?).
I've steered clear of the other pitfalls that can lower your T, and I've taken basics like Magnesium, Vit D, and Zinc for years. I've been taking a few herbs and other supplements that are supposed to be well researched and help, now for months. no real help at all.
I recently stumbled upon all this information on Low T and FINALLY it all made sense! I've watched tons of videos and spent long hours reading up on this stuff, so when I got my first T test back today and it was 576 I was surprised. Isn't that low-ish? I mean... I thought I'd have very VERY low T.
I wish I knew what my T was before 5 years ago or so... but I don't.
What are the averages?

I feel like even though 576 isn't that dramatically low, it must be low for me because of the shift I've felt in the past few years.
I wouldn't consider that low, how were your other labs. Testosterone serum, Free T, DHEA - Sulfate, Estradiol, Sensitive, SHBG and DHT. Did you have your Thyroid levels checked. TSH, FT4, FT3 reverse T3 and antibodies.
Hard to draw any conclusions based on just TT number. For example: your SHBG can be very high and your free testosterone be extremely low because of that. Other things can make you feel terrible when it comes to hormones. You need a more complete picture before you can draw any conclusions.
With a TT of 576 I might *guess that your SHBG is high and your Free T is low but as pointed out TT is pretty useless by itself. I concur with HealthMan.

Free T
Estradiol (Ultra) Sensitive LC/MS/MS

Come to mind for the starters.
Ya most likely your free T is low, and that's what really matters on a cellular level. Total t is literally useless without knowing your free t. has the total and free testosterone test for like $30. U don't need a doctor's prescription to get it done either. I would just get your free testosterone tested asap through either your doctor or out of pocket somewhere like discountedlabs. That's assuming you haven't had free test checked yet. If you have, just post that result so we can get a better idea of whether you are actually low or not.

I personally had most of the symptoms of low T, but my total came back in the 600's, which is pretty good naturally. But due to a high SHBG my free t was very low, which was why I was experiencing symptoms. Free T is what matters.
Like others have said, need full set of labs, but I wouldn't target a number..............should you need treatment whatever your total T and Free T are once symptoms have been resolved would essentially be the "target" number if you will.