Switching to Defy: Kudos So far

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I am currently with a men's clinic in Atlanta. I'm not going to badmouth them but let's just say I am not confident I am getting proper care and not thrilled with the service level. The fee is $500 per month. Plus another $300 for Trimix. I decided to switch to Defy.

On a Friday afternoon I called Defy. Mary was very helpful and got me started quickly. That same day I filled out the paperwork and she sent me the lab order. By Monday I had my physical and by Wednesday (my trough day) the blood was taken for labs. One week later Mary sent me a copy of my labs and set me up with Charles, who scheduled me for a Monday consult with Melissa.

From the time I called until the consult will be 17 days. Wow. That's quick! I had expected to wait longer for the preliminaries and labs and then wait a few more weeks for the consult.

I'll update this thread as I complete the switch, but I want to say I am very pleased - actually quite impressed - with the service so far. They return emails very quickly and answer the phone right away. They do what they say they will do and they do it right away.

I would guess because you're already on TRT, you don't need a consultation with a doctor. Melissa's one of the best, I always look forward to having a consultation with her.
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Thanks Vince! I value your advice and follow all your posts. You and I have a similar outlook on most subjects and I find the information you share is very helpful.

Same here. I was already on TRT through my hematologist and wanted to add HCG and additional expertise I could not get in my area. Positive experience with Defy so far as well. Had my consult last week and all meds arrived today.
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Had my first consultation with Melissa today. She caught a few things my previous clinic did not - and they should have. Like high hematocrit for example. It was a pleasure to talk with her and I got a lot of good insights. I think her suggestions will be good for me.

My previous clinic was on a monthly basis: $500 per month. That includes labs + meds but they haven't pulled labs in more than a year. With Defy, Labs and Consults and Meds are separate but I calculated it out on an annual basis. Even if I have labs and a consult every 3 months I stand to save around $3,100 per year.

Better treatment, lower cost. So far so good. I'll update this thread when I have other results to share.