Switching from MWF to Daily Testosterone Injections. Follow My Results!

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Hey everyone! Just as the title says, after reading some posts on this website I have decided to give daily injections a shot to see how much, if any, difference it makes in both labs and overall sense of well-being. I would also really like to eliminate having to take anastrazole, if at all possible, as well as keeping my Test levels consistent without the peaks and troughs to more closely mimic our natural rhythms.

Over the last 2 months, I was on a MWF schedule for my Testosterone Cypionate taking 60mg each injection SubQ, totaling 180mg per week. I was also taking 400iU of HCG every Tues and Thursday, totaling 800iU per week. Because my Estradiol had crept up to 49, I was also taking 0.25mg of anastrazole each day I injected my Testosterone, totaling 0.75mg per week.

On that protocol, I certainly felt MUCH better than I did before starting treatment. I had enough energy to get my ass up and doing things again, my libido and erections finally came back full force, I was able to finally see strength/muscle gains in the gym as well as recover faster, and just overall feel better.

I will include my pre-treatment labs, as well as my most recent labs where I was following the aforementioned protocol.

The plan is to inject 24mg of Testosterone Cypionate per day, totaling 168mg per week. I am lowering my weekly dosage because I've seen several guys show that doing daily injections required less weekly amounts of Test were necessary. I am also going to inject HCG daily, as well, doing 125iU per day - totaling 875iU per week. I've seen this protocol mentioned in regards to Dr. Crisler as being very beneficial so I thought I would give it a try.

I will do my best to consistently update my progress, such as how I feel, libido, fat loss, labs, etc. I just thought it would be interesting to not only keep a diary of how this goes, but also share with you fine folks ;)

If you guys have any questions or would like to see my post anything specific, please let me know!
So, you feel great and are only changing for the potential to stop Anastrazole? Seems pretty risky to me. Not sure I'd change if I felt as good as you described.
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So, you feel great and are only changing for the potential to stop Anastrazole? Seems pretty risky to me. Not sure I'd change if I felt as good as you described.
I wouldn't say that I feel great, per se.... just better than I did before treatment. And if it doesn't work out for me, I'll just switch back. I'm willing to experiment around to see what works best for me.
It sounds like a reasonable plan. Keep in mind, that with estrogen, hcg can be the culprit. For me, it raised my estrogen and lowered my T. In other words, it ramped up conversion big time. And protocol changes did not help. It was after that experience I just decided to clean out and am no longer on TRT and doing great. With a little help from Clomid and Cialis. And peptides...
I adopted a daily protocol over two years ago when my low SHBG proved annoying and my estradiol/sensitive hit 55. I couldn't be happier injecting 16mg of testosterone every morning and 250 of HCG twice weekly (actually, HCG does nothing for me, never has, but I know all the reasons for using it).

I pulled my e2 down to the low 30s in this fashion, but not all members here who have tried daily injections experience that sort of estradiol drop. My doctor told me that in her practice about half the men who have switched to daily injections can manage e2 without an AI. Keep us posted...all the best!
I been injecting 20mg of T cyp daily and HCG 500iu every 3 1/2 days for 6 months now. I decrease my T from 22mg, will have labs November 24th.
I definitely think it's worth a try. I now believe for me it's easier to inject daily, then my old protocol of injecting every 3 1/2 days.
Injecting EOD is the most difficult remembering every week the days you inject flip flop, without my phones reminders this protocol would fail me. Every 3 1/2 days or every day would be much easier.
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Well here are my labs after being on this protocol for a month. Looks like I may need to back off a little on my daily amount. I also checked a few other things which I will include below - abnormal results will be in bold:

RBC 5.89 (4.2-5.8)
Hgb 16.9 (13.2-17.1)
Hct 50.4 (38-50)

Total Test 1262 (250-1100)
Free Test 300 (46-224)
Estradiol 33 (< or = 39)

Ferritin 19 (20-345)
Total Iron 64 (50-180)
Iron % Saturation 18% (15-60
Iron Binding Capacity 352 (250-425)
DHEA-S 233 (106-464)

Is mentioned before, I may need to bump down my daily injection amount given that my Hct is getting a bit high. Because I was taking 180mg weekly on my MWF protocol, I stuck with that same weekly amount doing the daily injections, which ended up equaling 26mg per day. I have also been doing 120 iU of HCG per day.

As far as my Ferritin goes, it has dropped SIGNIFICANTLY since starting TRT. It was 118 when I started which indicates I had a bit of inflammation before this. This is the reason why I wanted to check my Iron levels to make sure they were adequate, which they apparently are on the low side of normal. I have been on 325mg of Ferrous Sulfate for a month now so lord knows what it was before.

Finally, I just wanted to see where my DHEA levels were because I feel it is important to follow, as well. Again, this is normal but definitely on the low side of normal.

I will say, I feel pretty damn good. My libido is through the roof and I have more erections now than I did as a damn teenager. My workouts are going great. I have absolutely no complaints, minus still just being exhausted all the time (which has been an issue for years.) It could be a million other things.... the fact I am a nurse that works weekend nights, some other labs, etc.

What do you guys think? I would love to hear your feedback. And thanks for following!
It may take time for your HCT to stabilize, you may like to donate blood, hopefully for the last time. I think I would agree with lowering your daily T some.
Since late August of this year. My HCT has always hung out between 46-48% and with my Ferritin already so low I'm afraid to donate =/
Switching from e3.5d injections to EOD took my Hematocrit from 49.5 (late august) to 47.5 (early december) in 3 months. This is the lowest I have been since starting TRT. I have yet to donate any blood (knock on wood).

It has also lowered my estradiol, where I took AI of .22mg 3 times a week, I now need to take it twice a week. I may even need to lower the AI's mg down to .125 (waiting for consult).
still just being exhausted all the time (which has been an issue for years.) It could be a million other things.... the fact I am a nurse that works weekend nights, some other labs, etc.
I also tanked my Ferritin and felt exhausted. Your Ferritin is only 19, so no wonder you feel exhausted.
I watched Dr. John Crisler say that: "I want to see Ferritin at 100-150" - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ynHXydSGRR0&feature=youtu.be&t=618

Obviously you need to stop Iron supplements ASAP once Ferritin is back on track, but you should supplement hard for at least 2 weeks after donating to put Ferritin close to 100, and then stop, to avoid feeding the HCT rise.

Any more data with your daily injection experiments? I'm planning to join dailies soon as well :)