Successful Restart With Clomid, Maybe...

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I'm 57 and am hopeful that I've successfully restarted with Clomid. I was on Axiron gel for about 4 years, after getting low T results (225 T on first draw, 310 on second). Last year my blood results became inconsistent -- sometimes the total and free T were too high, sometimes too low. I wondered if I might be able to restart and avoid the roller-coaster, and found a doctor experienced with T therapy. (I had been under the care of a GP before.)

He had me stop the Axiron and take Clomid for six months. Initially I took 25mg EOD, and got good results -- in fact, after about 5 months my Free T and Total T were high, as was my estradiol. After the sixth month, I went to 12.5 EOD for a week and then stopped. The second and third weeks after stopping were rough -- I felt depressed and fatigued. But then I began to feel better.

After 6 weeks without Clomid or anything else, my total T was 580 (range 357-1000) and free T was 18 (range 7.5-24). Those were good numbers, but would they hold? After 6 more weeks, I tested again; the numbers were similar: 598 total T, 14.9 free T (same reference ranges). I did have more energy and fewer aches after exercise when I was on TRT and Clomid, but I don't feel bad now. Libido isn't great, but morning wood exists most days.

I'll test again in another 6 weeks to see if the numbers hold or fall. But at least after 3 months of being Clomid free, things have been on an even keel.

Walter, I hope the restart out works out for you. You may want to add a nitric oxide stack, if you haven't already, along with some Cialis
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Are you still taking low-dose Clomid, and if so, is it something you are thinking of taking long term? I asked my doctor if that was an option should my levels without any drugs decline in the next three months. He said that there isn't good data one way or another about long-term use, but that taking one 25 mg. clomid per week was an option, as it has worked for other patients.
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Thanks, Vince. Right now I'm taking B12 supplements (that blood level was in the low normal range) and just hoping that my numbers continue to hold without having to take any medications. Having good levels after three months drug-free is a positive sign, but I've read anecdotal reports from others whose levels declined six months after discontinuing Clomid. Don't know why that should be so, since Clomid in theory should be out of one's system after a month. My LH was not elevated after three months, indicating the drug wasn't having an effect on HPTA signaling then.