Shelf life for test cyp, 10ml bottle

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I’ve been on trt 4 years and always got 10ml vial for my T. I went to get refill yesterday and it was a new pharmacist. He gave me 5, 1 ml vials. I’m currently on 1.3 cc split over 3 pins weekly. He said the reasoning for smaller vials was that T cyp , after 28 days of breaking the seal on vial that bacteria can accrue and is an infection risk. I’d never heard this before but he said it with a study recently done.
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I've never had any issues with my vials, I wiped off the top of the vial with an alcohol pad, before inserting the syringe needle and when I've done I wipe off the top of the vial again.
The 1ml vials are being given because of the insurance companies wanting you to have just the right amount of the drug no extra. That way they can charge you an extra copay or two over the year. I hate the 1ml vials hard to use