SHBG itself functions much like a hormone.

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Many times the articles, more specifically, the research articles we read relating to all the various components of TRT are not written for the layman to understand. Therefore, I believe a lot of us, myself included, stop reading because trying to self-educate ourselves can be a difficult mission.

I found an article that helps a simple man like me understand SHBG and explains it in such a way that even I can relate to it. SHBG is one of the most critical factors in determining what protocol each of us utilizes in our own testosterone replacement therapy (TRT). Most all of you on this forum already understand this information but for the new folks joining the forum maybe it will provide a helping hand in understanding something so important.

Do You Know Your Sex Hormone Status?

SHBG: The Master Regulator for Testosterone and Estrogen: SHBG is a protein produced primarily in the liver, although the testes, uterus, brain, and placenta also synthesize it. It serves as a transport carrier, shuttling estrogen and testosterone to sex hormone receptors throughout your body.11,12 SHBG also safeguards these vital hormones from degrading too rapidly and prevents their clearance from the body.
It thus acts as the master regulator of your sex hormone levels, maintaining the delicate balance between estrogen and testosterone critical to overall health in aging humans.
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