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A report of initial telephone contact and web site review. The quality of care has not been assessed.

edit: The web site actually does offer basic insight on TRT and there is assurance that patients are treated by symptom resolution rather than chasing after numbers. I am updating the review to reflect what I am reading as opposed to what the telephone contact stated.

TYPE: Telemed with the option of visits to Clinic Day Events. Membership plan billed quarterly in advance.

SPECIAL services: Sensitivity to the needs of MSM. Three main programs including TRT, HGH, TRIMIX. No mention of AI or hCG but I suspect they are offered as appropriate. Regardless of one's sexual orientation sensitivity to a patient's needs and concerns is always welcome so this may be of interest to anyone.

MEDICINE: Included and shipped to your door

LABS: Not included

FEES: $99 initial consult which the site states includes a physical exam if you don't supply one, an initial care plan based upon blood work provided by the patient if he has had the foresight to order the listed required labs in advance. The site states that an Rx for 90 days will be provided as deemed appropriate by the MD upon reviewing the physical and labs. Again this differs from what I was told on the phone.

MEMBERSHIP $589 quarterly, Labs NOT included: If pt chooses to enroll he will be billed $589 quarterly in advance and that will entitle him to choice of testosterone and supplies and 90 days "of all medicines and related supplies" . Does this mean hCG and AI? It does not say. Two in-person visits per quarter plus unlimited text, Skype, FaceTime, email, and telephone support with your doctor.

NOT OFFERED: Per consultation fee, membership only. No reduced cost is offered for those wishing to purchase medicines outside the all but labs inclusive plan.

A friend interested in TRT asked me to check out Rev for Men for him. He learned of the clinic from a dating site he visits. An offer, the focus of which is sexual performance rather than optimal health, appeared in his message box. I am deleting the copied promotion because tacky come-on has no bearing on the actual services offered.

The list of required but not included labs is suggestive of competent care. You provide at your own labs ( and physical if telemed ), or they will give you a lab order.

Be sure to click on the hard to read links for detailed information.

The web site offers four "Programs":

"The Party Recovery Program" " IV drip therapy - Whether you just partied too hard last night and need to catch up on your hydration and energy, or you're planning on a blowout marathon tonight and want to tank up ahead of time, we've got you covered. We provide a full 1 liter of IV fluid fortified with vitamins and detoxifiers to put you in peak form for your next round of play."

The other "programs" are "Growth Hormone" "TRT" and "TRIMIX"

There is no guidance on the website whatsoever toward the permanent commitment required of a pt for TRT.

I called and identified myself as a pt seeking continuity of care as well while also indicating that I was calling on behalf of a friend who had no prior TRT experience.

The call was answered by a person on a cell phone with a great deal of background noise making me feel that this was a one man operation. His answers were less than satisfactory. He quickly got curt knowing full well that $589 did not represent value for the TRT experienced patient requiring few consultations and no meds. I wasn't the fish in the sea he was looking for so I switched to inquiring about my friend.

Contrary to the web site he stated that scripts or medicine "could only be provided 30 days at a time owing to the fact that T is a Sched II controlled substance". He would not entertain the possibility that this was incorrect in CA. I would need a new consult monthly he said in contradiction to the site. He also referred to the treatment as a "90 day cycle". If I had not dug further after the call I would have been totally discouraged.

REV's web site instills confidence:
"Even more important than your numerical levels, though, is the symptoms you are experiencing, the goals you have set for yourself, and the progress you are making in addressing those symptoms and reaching goals. At REV, we're not treating a number here, we're treating a man!"

Too bad he failed to quote that.

One must dig through the poorly designed web site to find the their treatment philosophy.

A key feature of REV's service may be the sensitivity and responsiveness to the the needs of individual patients offered by the enrolled physicians which would be of interest to all men not just MSM. Instead of saying this he stated that the TRT differed by sexual orientation.

As a TRT experienced patient I suspected that this would not be the position of their associate doctors. Less experience men might be confused.

So there's the review of the marketing and initial phone contact experience. The care might well be excellent. Reaching out to a specialized and likely under-served group is admirable but not in a manner which is obviously gold-mining while also appealing to men by promoting extreme performance rather than optimal health care.

The group targeted by REV's advertising is especially affected by HIV related hypogonadism yet Rev For Men offers no accommodation for these men which would be, at a minimum, offering a fair price for only the consult instead of a high priced packaged deal which does not permit them to use their insurance for Rx and supplies. It seems odd that REV would focus on care for this community while ignoring an important sector of it.

For anyone, regardless of sexual orientation, the $99 initial consult offer might be a good way to obtain temporary continuity of care with an Rx. It also may be good for those who are just starting and need a single consult and script. In comparing REV to other membership clinics, most of which include lab services, their cost if your insurance covers labs is still high for consult + medicine but possibly less than other all inclusive membership services.
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$589/quarter plus labs is outrageous.
Like $3,000 a month to rent a moldy one room shack with nothing updated since it was built in 1940? If you feel that way Vince Carter then you're like me and either haven't figured out the free money game or are too ethical to be a slum lord. Or too compassionate not to be running such an operation yourself. Or the Golden Golem of Greatness forgot to send you your tax rebate.
Wow - great report!

Rev does have a good website with fancy marketing, I will say that.

Regarding the 30 day rule for controlled substances: that's hilarious. Jasen Bruce of Defy (love his articles!) wrote an article about how every state will allow testosterone for 90 day scripts. California certainly will.

Doesn't seem like these folks know what they're doing.