Quest Diagnostics closes deal to buy Cleveland HeartLab for $94 million

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Quest Diagnostics announced on Friday, Dec. 1, that it has officially closed a deal to buy Cleveland HeartLab.Quest, a Fortune 500 medical testing company, announced the deal on Oct. 18. It announced how much it would pay for the company — $94 million in cash — the next day in its third-quarter report.As part of Quest, Cleveland HeartLab's local facility will serve as "a national center of excellence" focused on tests related to heart disease, according to a news release announcing the closing of the deal.
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I bet Quest got that 94m cash payment from all the labs I do with them, the EOB that come from my insurance carrier have outrageous amounts listed on them.
Cleveland Heart Clinic labs keeps your cost very low, what your insurance doesn't pay, they don't make you pay. My last bill for my labs were only $49, my part that I had to pay.