Primary/Secondary Hypogonadism?


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Hi all,

This is my very first post on a newly created account. Sorry, it might be a long post. I've been dealing with a lot.

Since June of 2017, I've been doing a lot of research on men's health on the internet. I've been dealing with a myriad of symptoms regarding testosterone for approximately eight years. During high school, at age fifteen, I started to experience fatigue, severe depression, and bouts of anxiety. My body and mind had slowed down considerably, to the point I was no longer able to "keep up" with the other students. These conditions ultimately resulted in failure, as I was forced to drop out of school. Of course, my doctor and psychiatrist were quick to prescribe me antidepressants. As I was so young, I agreed with the medication and went on my way, thinking that it would bring me back up to speed. Unfortunately, after a year of taking the medication, I started to feel even worse. Fast forward eight years, (age 23) my symptoms have become a lot worse. I am now experiencing erectile dysfunction (weak erections), severe fatigue, fat accumulation (regardless of diet), little to no musculature (despite lifting weights four times a week), and general "brain fog." In November of 2017, I visited a Naturopathic Doctor in hopes of having my testosterone checked, as my GP was stubborn and refused to do so. The Naturopath agreed, and the results were not pleasant. So far, only my total testosterone has been evaluated three times:

Test 1: November, 2017 — 9.2 nmol/L or 265 ng/dl.
Test 2: March, 2018 — 8.1 nmol/L or 233 ng/dl.
Test 3: May 29, 2018 — 6.3 nmol/L or 181 ng/dl.

My Naturopath took things slow, and helped me tweak my diet and calorie intake to see if the loss of weight did my testosterone production any justice. Weight lifting was also implemented. Unfortunately, the levels dropped all the way to 181 ng/dl.

LH and FSH were also tested, and they were within the normal range (in the middle), so my Naturopath determined that I was dealing with Secondary Hypogonadism. So, for six weeks, he prescribed me HCG, at 500iU every three days. Test 3 was taken following the HCG Monotherapy treatment. Since my levels had dropped even further, do you guys think I'm dealing with Primary Hypogonadism?

Please note that I've never consumed any alcohol in my life, nor have I ever smoked cigarettes/weed. I also have never taken any steroids. It might sound unbelievable, but it's true. Probably because I had lost motivation to do anything at all at the mere age of 15.

What are your thoughts on this? I'm only 23, but it seems like TRT is the only viable solution at this point.

I can provide further information should anyone request it.

Thank you!
Welcome to Excelmale,

You have primary hypogonadism, LH better than midrange together with low total testosterone would point to primary. Testosterone is low and LH is enough to where your testicles should be producing more testosterone. Diet, exercise, Clomid and HCG won't stimulate your dying testicles.

TRT is your only hope, however your battle is only just beginning. TRT protocols in your country aren't even considered optimal choices, Nebido is garbage and will fail someone who metabolizes testosterone fast and is impossible to dial in for most guys.

Antidepressants fail to work when the underlying cause is hormonal. You need to demand Test ethanate or Sustanon for a second choice with at least two injections per week.