President American Heart Association , suffered a heart

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Dr John Warner, interventional Cardiologist, President American Heart Association , suffered a heart attack Nov. 13, Monday 2017. He is 52 years old. Had received a stent. AHA, meeting held i Anaheim, California.

Dr John Warner, interventional Cardiologist, Speaking below :

“Earlier in my talk, I told you there were no old men in my family. I know this is also true in far too many other families, not just in the U.S., but around the world. I believe the people in this room have the power – and even the duty – to change that. Together, we can make sure old men and old women are regulars at family reunions. … In other words, I look forward to a future where people have the exact opposite experience of my family, that children grow up surrounded by so many healthy, beloved, elderly relatives that they couldn't imagine life any other way.”
Warner, a longtime volunteer for the AHA, began his one-year term as the organization's volunteer leader in July. Thus far, he's represented the organization everywhere from the nation's capital to Panama and Beijing. Scientific Sessions is usually among the highlights of a president's tenure.
“John wanted to reinforce that this incident underscores the important message that he left us with in his presidential address yesterday – that much progress has been made, but much remains to be done. Cardiac events can still happen anytime and anywhere,” said Nancy Brown, chief executive officer of the AHA.
[FONT=&#8217]Warner spent the bulk of his medical career as an interventional cardiologist, often performing the exact lifesaving procedure he received Monday morning.[/FONT]