Please mail your unused prescription or over-the-counter drugs to help people in Venezuela (attached

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Please help and forward to your friends

Venezuela is going through a complex humanitarian emergency and people in Venezuela need the support of us all. Join our Humanitarian Action Program. If you are in Miami you can bring your donations to our Collection Center at: 8600 NW 66th St, Miami FL 33166. If you are in another city within the US and want to support by sending medicines, medical supplies, food or clothing please use the USPS prepaid shipping label with the logo of our foundation so you do not have to pay for shipping. Print and paste the label on the boxes with your donation, which must weigh a maximum of 70 pounds (31.75 kg). For more information visit our website and contact us.

We are looking for medications, syringes and all kinds of medical supplies.

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Please use the attached mailing label so that you can mail free of charge. Here is the mailing label: click here

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P.S.: I have been part of the board of this organization since the 90's.

"all types of medicine not expired in the original container"

"containers with pills sealed or not"

Scratch out personal information. Leave intact just the name of the medicine, dose and expiry. Delete names addresses Rx number of patient prescriber pharmacy.

information and instructions:
Heading: select "What we need" at the top of the page
Scroll down and click one of the red boxes to view lists of specific medicines acepted

Donations of all types are welcome. Re-ride suggests, if possible, liquidating items other than medicine yourself by setting aside a table at your garage sale or a community sale then donating cash instead. This reduces high costs of handling sorting and distributing donated goods.



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