Phenylephrine injection vs neo synephrine nasal spray

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Which would be more effective to bring down an erection if needed after trimix?

Going further, if you only had neo synephrine would it be better as the nasal spray or to inject it as i've read here and there of some guys going?
If the latter, would you dilute or draw directly from the bottle, and how much?
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Thanks, i've read that thread and all the others but dont see anything specific to what im looking for so I thought i'd ask, specifically regarding the nasal spray.
The reason im asking is because im waiting on my delivery of phenylephrine but wanted to be prepared until I get it.
I had a trimix episode and took 4 sudafed, ice, walking, squeezing, and nothing helped much, maybe a little. I have the nasal spray now and if I needed to take it was wondering if using as a nasal spray would work or if I should inject it like i've read other doing.
I guess i'll use as a spray ( if needed) and will have the phenylephrine on hand just in case.