NuImage - Ipamorelin and CJC

I've been on ipamorelin/cjc1295 for about 8 weeks and experience decreased waist fat and slight muscle increase. I purchased from absolute pharmacy thru nuimagemedical. My Igf-1 is 154, up from 134 since june.
I was gonna try defy medical, but they don't have ipamorelin/cjc1295. Just want to try and see who had the best combo. Anyone else know who else sells the combo ipamorelin/cjc1295?
I've been using ipamorelin/cjc1295 for 2 years. Unfortunately I did not have a Igf-1 baseline. I just got my first Igf-1 lab back and it's 268. Very pleased with that level. No more ache knees and elbows!!! Plus, I have not been sick once since I've started peptides. Of course I'm on testosterone replacement as well.
Where did you purchase your combo?
And I haven't been sick since taking peptides either especially when my girlfriend sneezing and coughing and me.....impervious.
I’ve been lifting consistently since I was 13 on my 16th birthday I benched 315. At 19 I deadlifted 640 at 198 and benched 420. At 22 I hit 470, but that was my best. I always wanted to do 500, never happened. I could do 315 for 3 sets of 8 reps no lift or spot any day of the week until I was about 43 drug free. Yes, I still workout, just with lighter weights these days. My diet is fairly healthy, but not real clean. Too much pastries etc. at work, my will power is not what it used to be.. LOL.
Nice numbers.....I've been lifting most on and off since 15. Thats when i learned girls like!!
With ipamorelin/cjc1295 I see a little muscle increase with noticeable waist fat loss. I feel flushed after injection so i believe its a legit sign. I'm in my 9th week and if it wasn't for the Saturday beer binge, I'd probably be 7lbs lighter.....damn you beer!!!!
Yep, I feel the flush as well. I’ve switched it up with ghrp2/cjc1295, but it doesn’t seem to work as well. I’d be 7-8lbs lighter myself if I didn’t indulge in 2-3 scotches before supper. Usually try to limit that to 3-4 days a week.
Still way too many calories...