New to Strength Training? It's Not Necessary to Train to Failure

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Researchers in Brazil divided 89 young women, who had not previously trained with weights, over three groups. All groups trained their biceps twice a week for 10 weeks.
  • The first group made 3 sets, and trained to failure [RF].

  • The second group made 4 sets of 7 reps, and did not train to failure [NRFV]. Because of the extra set, the training volume in this group was equal to that of the first group.

  • The third group also did not train to failure, but made no more than 3 sets [NRF].
The 1RM - the weight with which the women could just make 1 rep - increased in all groups. The researchers found no differences between the groups.

"In summary, similar elbow flexor 1RM strength and muscle endurance improvements were observed in young women after 10 weeks of training, independent of the performance of the repetitions until failure or training volume", the Brazilians wrote. "On the other hand, only those groups who performed a greater total volume of repetitions increased muscle thickness...from a practical standpoint, repetitions to failure are not necessary.

"Just started with strength training? Training to failure isn't necessary, making enough sets is...," European Journal of Translational Myology, 2017,

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I've noticed from personal experience that anytime I start lift weights again if I immediately jump into train till failure I get waaaaaay to sore. Better to wait a few weeks with lower intensity first.