Needle-Free Injections For ED: Do the Devices Work?

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Needle phobia is a well recognized phenomenon that it is believed affects 10% of the population. In the diabetic population, that number jumps to nearly 80%. Fear of needles is believed to be the single largest reason that many diabetics are not compliant in regard to maintaining an injected insulin protocol. While there are no figures addressing the question of how many men refuse Trimix due to having a fear of a needle injecting their penis, it is thought that the number is substantial. This study recently evaluated needle-free injection devices and concluded that they offer a viable alternative to men who wish to use Trimix but have anxiety related to needles and their penis.

"Delivery of Intracavernosal Therapies Using Needle-Free Injection Devices," International Journal of Impotence Research, 14 January 2017
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This is still a needle though correct? Just an auto-injector from what I gather??? Or is it just forcing the injectable through the skin basically using hydraulic pressure?
they have ones that spray air and a small needle, im interested in this as well you can google needle free injection systems and there are a few options, id love to get the ones the military used haha, so eazy, but hard to maintain and keep clean and sanitized...