Morbidly Obese

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Hello fellow TRT'rs. Been browsing the forum for a few months. Lots of interesting stuff to learn on here. Like many others, I was prescribed Testosterone injection by my PCP. It started 8 months ago when I went to him to get something to give me some energy. Felt like I had no motivation, and found out I had low T of 160. I thought I was just lazy. I am morbidly Obese, 350lb 5' 10", 39yrs. I have lost about 15lbs in past 2 weeks thanks to Adipex, but hadn't lost any on the past 8 months of TRT.

So far he has not managed my hypogonadism well. Still weak and tired on most days. I look forward to connecting with others and hearing some similar experiences.
Welcome to ExcelMale. Concerning your weight problem, have you ever considered going zero carb. Many people have had success controlling their weight with elimination of carbs.
I have posted this in a few places but it wont hurt again:)
1. Thyroid issue (If you have not done so already
You need to educate yourself on thyroid issues and the CORRECT panel of test to be able to properly evaluate that issue.
I suggest that spend some time at TIREDTHYROID.COM
For labs:
The Absolut best site anywhere on the thyroid and thyroid issues.
If you like the site get the book. It could have been a Doctoral Thesis ....
BTW most DRs have no clue on thyroid issues and only rely on the TSH.
2. Get the book "The Secret Life of Fat: The Science Behind the Body's Least Understood Organ and What It Means for You".
*More self education.
*An easy read and hard to put down.
*Some AMAZING things you would never know about FAT and some of the latest studies.
*Fat is considered an organ.
*Did you know you can CATCH being FAT!!!!! Not very common BUT it can happen. Apparently so and the research and studies that back this up are covered in the book.
*The body has a set point when it comes to FAT and when you reduce calories the body metabolism slows down to guard the remaining FAT stores (my explanation) making it even harder to loose weight.

BTW most DRs have no clue on thyroid