Metformin and insomnia

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I’m taking metformin 500 morning and night. For anti aging purposes only. Im not diabetic. My a1c is 5. The problem I’m having taking before bed keeps me awake for hours. Has anyone else had this? I may just take it once a day only
I would try the ER version as Vince said, or take one of your 500 mg pills with breakfast and the other with dinner instead of before bed.
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That sounds good I’m going to take it around lunch only. I fast every morning till lunch. I’ve never had any stomach issues


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I doubt that metformin is causing this issue. I would look elsewhere. Do you supplement magnesium? It helps me a lot.
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That was a while back, I was conducting an experiment. Yes I do take magnesium. I have been taking that supplement at night for 10 plus years. I continue to suffer from sleep issues. That’s one issue I have yet to find a solution. Started as I passed 55. Lol
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Melatonin, valerian root, lemon balm, gaba, kava kava, u name it. I’m research scientist. All help but nothing is a sure knock down winner. It running several companies at the same time is root of all evil. No that’s money, same thing. Lol
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Actually I have tried Beverly Meyers brand Passion flower and I currently take 5-htp and theanine. 6 hours is currently the max sleep I can get