Low SHBG Proven Protocol

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Hi, I know there are old posts about this, but after reading them still does not seem like there is a consensus nor that everyone had great success.

For example have read people commenting about gels, patches, etc.. others about daily injections and others about proionate vs cypionate...

For example, what should be the target Testosterone and E2 Levels? - Can the guys that have years with this issue comment on what have finally worked for them?

Btw, are there any drug that increases SHBG? that would solve a lot of issues for many.
SHBG is largely a fixed variable. Play the card you're dealt. My own low SHBG and rising estradiol was brought into line with daily injections. They worked for me wonderfully well (16mg daily), and a similar protocol worked for Vince when he wanted to keep his Hct in check. For others, such a protocol was only partially successful, or didn't achieve their goal at all.

Where does your SHBG sit? Have you attended to your thyroid? Are cortisol levels where they should be?
For the low SHBG guy E2 may need to be much lower than is typical due to Free Estradiol, which that specifically should be in your testing strategy along with LC/MS/MS method. We may need to run much lower TT and focus on FT and not having that be astronomically over range that is typical for low SHBG. Kind of new areas and line of thought there but I'm having some improvement in cutting my cyp dose and getting my Free T to come down.