Leading TRT Clinics in the World

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Hi there, what are the world leading TRT clinics in the world? I am most familiar with options in the US such as Defy and Dr Chrisler, but are there others that are well recognized as cutting edge on this area either in the US or in elsewhere in the World?
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I wanted to have a backup plan in case it does not work with Defy or Dr Chrisler. So after I tried those, I would travel anywhere where there is a well recognized TRT clinic.
In all honesty, the leading practitioners in this field are found in the United States. The Hertoghe Clinic in Brussels is certainly world-class and Dr. Robert Stevens, a member here at EM and the director of the Men's Clinic in Dorset, in the UK, is an exceptional practitioner. That said, the treatment protocols in the US are - far and away - the most sophisticated. I say that as a Canadian who has an exceptional doctor who freely admits to the sophisticated level of care available to men in the US.