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I just saw my pcp yesterday, My uro never gets back to me or changes anything so she is referring me to another and is trying to help me along as we find the right one.. My protocol is 50 mg 2 times a week usually pin Wednesday and sunday. I used to do the 200 mg every two weeks and felt like ass by day 7 so this splitting has been a huge improvement. currents levels are ass follows, PSA 0.3, Estradiol 32.7, SHGB 12.1 Total tes 303, Free 13.7 My crit was barely high @ 51.2 my vldl was 45.

My pcp would like me to continue the protocol and recheck in a few weeks. or if we find a suitable uro earlier. I have been on trt since sept 2017 but did not use in November or dec. my starting level was 150 and 9.5. It seems the t is working but would like to be higher if possible. I am debating on asking about something for the crit level or just having my ma at work draw a few tubes each day for a week or so. was also thing about asking about an ai or hcg and to see if there is anything to bring up the shbg. I am also treating diabetes my a1c was 5.7 down from 12.6. in the last 2 years I have dropped from 386-285 lbs and am working my way to get to 220. sorry for the rant would love to hear any advice on what to do or ask.
Your ability to hold onto your testosterone is going to be hampered by your low SHBG, you should be injecting 6-8mg daily because it's ending up in the toilet within a 1-2 days, so injecting every 3.5 days is going to fail. My SHBG is 16 and I fail to respond to TRT well unless I'm injecting EOD.

Low SHBG guys don't need high Total T numbers, actually we do better on less near midrange.
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I will look into doing that.. Since I split up 2 in a week I do notice I feel better then doing just the 1 time and way better then when I was 200 every 2 weeks.