LAB RESULTS, How does it look?

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Just got my discountedlabs results back. Been on trt for 5 months and need input on results. I currently take 1cc test a week. When i started, my TT was 190. My estrogen was single digit, and my SHBG was thru the roof at over 80. I felt like crap and didnt care about anything. I now feel amazing and am back to my old self and better. Thank you for any input and feel free to ask whatever questions you want.

AGE 49

FREE-T 15.2
Estradial,sensative 26.1
SHBG 57.4
HCT 44.8
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Ya that's awesome to hear. Subjectively how you feel is really the most important part by far. Your numbers look amazing as well. I assume that's your levels at trough, so they'll obviously be a little higher during the week, but they should still all be within range even when all those levels are peaking.

200mg of test per week is obviously the upper range of TRT dosages, but hey if that's what it takes to get those numbers and feel subjectively like you do, then that's definitely the dose for you. I wouldn't change a thing. Good luck and hopefully you keep feeling amazing!
Your free T score is awesome given your SHBG level, it means your SHBG isn't getting greedy and grabbing on hardnose to all your bioavailable testosterone. Estrogen is excellent and is an indication free T is ideal, but in the end results trump any lab value.