Is this workout routine outdated

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Is this workout routine outdated or not so good as a general plan? I spend about an hour to and 1:15 on average at the gym during a work out day - lifting not talking. Too much or too little?
Day 1 - Chest & Triceps & 10 min of cardio
Day 2 - Legs & Stomach & 5 min of Cardio (warm up)
Day 3 - Back & Biceps & 10 min of cardio
Day 4 - Shoulders and Stomach & 10 min of cardio
Day 5 - Rest or repeat
I take one or two days off per week due to family obligations or other activities or I just don't feel like going to gym or did not sleep well. Not a big fan of cardio so I mostly do it to warm up but I do try to keep the lifting rest times short and intense so my heart and breathing rate stays up -- or maybe I am out of shape : )
I might change up the order but don't do stomach days back to back or three upper body days in a row. I might also combine some days, like shoulder and biceps if I have time and did not have enough time the day before.

I would appreciate input from those that know more about lifting than me since this was taught to me years (as in 25+) years ago. Thanks.
A good workout routine will include variation in rep ranges and weight (ie Microcycles) across several weeks. There are several to choose from various websites. One of the more simple ones that I have used for over a year is Growth Stimulus Training. Simple, yet very effective. You can get the ebook off amazon, or the entire program is spelled out on forums if you have the patience to read through the forum.
Vince is right. There are, in my opinion, no new miracle routines or supplements or anything else. Just repackaged info marketed in a different way. You should be focused on what works for you. Do this, hard, for 6 months. Change routines no sooner that every 6 weeks. If you are getting results you’re happy with, then it’s a good routine. If not, change it. Just be sure you have a workout routine that you will stick with for the rest of your life. That’s the name of the game.
I dont think as others have said that anything get's outdated its just put in a new wrapper and sold as something else. Real consideration is what are you after like just fitness, fat loss, getting bigger and stronger, powerlifting, things like that that work in to how many sets and reps you're doing on those days.
Definitely not outdated man. The biggest thing you could do is to modify the actual exercises you do each day. Let's say you are on Chest and you usually use a barbell. Switch it up to dumbells for a few weeks. Then maybe switch it to bodyweight for a week, then back to barbell for a few weeks. You should also switch the actual exercise too. So if you are flat benching, switch to decline, or incline.

Always confuse your body and you will get the best results.
I think the routine is okay, even though it's a bit of a "bro routine" in fitness circles. I personally think focusing more on compound movements/full body is the better way to go. So something like full body 3x per week. Or an upper/lowerbody split (day1: upper body, day 2: lower body, day 3: rest, repeat). Are more effective since your body does not need 7 days to recover so training everything 2x per week is more optimal. If i'd change one thing in your routine it would be to just remove day 4, shoulders are such a small muscle they don't need a seperate day. So you can easily get that shoulder work in with better exercise selection on other days or adding 1-2 exercises on those days.

At the end of the day though, the best routine is the one you enjoy and can actually stick with. If you want more indepth advice or routine examples feel free to ask. I was pretty obsessed with working out for a couple years.