i dont know what else to do

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Hello guys. I’m male 26, 158, 6’2’’ currently not working or studying due to trying to solve this issue. I currently have a microadenoma of 3.2 centimeters. I already went to the top endocrinologist (2) here where i live and I also went to United states to meet a “highly” recognized endo. 2 of the endos where I currently live did not treat me due to my age, the third one was the one who wanted an mri for the pituitary gland (before even doing a full lab of my hormones, yes we didn’t know my prolactin level). when we found out I had a tumor he did not know what to do, so he called an hospital around here who haves students of endocrinologist and supposedly good endos too. so i had to wait 2 months to have an appointment because the last endo wanted to treat me with viagra since he did not know what to do. when the appointment arrived she went thro all my labs and determined to do more labs since my acth was a bit high. she wanted to check saliva and orine cortisol so she can clear cushing disease out. i asked whats her treatment with my current lab test and she said testosterone injection either once every two weeks or once a week. heres the catch, she doesnt measure e2 and doesnt care about shbg. so i went to the doctor in Florida (yes i had to pay a lot for this) and basically he just said" well buddy i can offer clomid, gel, hcg or test injection" i said in my mind wtf! he doesnt measure e2 and doesnt care about shbg! wtf im here lost, hopeless. so i said give me hcg and he prescribed me with 1000 iu 3 days a week for 6 weeks and retest. i said wow, but i started the protocol and 3 injections in and i feel lost, anxiety, depression, i dont know what to do. this is making me extremely bloated (from the three injections) im losing weight fast and its giving me insomnia.
anyways, i need advice, opinion on what to do. I truly don’t even want to keep doing this protocol with this guy since he just told me to choose and doesnt measure e2. i can already feel estrogen spiking in my body.
recent labs with ranges:
TT: 184 range 250-1100
FT: 23.9 range 35-155
SHBG: 57 and i had one at 79
T4: 1.1 range .9-2.2
FSH: 1.6 range 1.6-8
LH: .9 range 1.5-9.3
cortisol (urine): 93 range 4-50
Insulin growth hormone : https://imgur.com/a/4txa2
sperm count: 5 million.
acth: 63
cortisol: 21
microadenoma of 3.9 mm in the left posterior.
cholesterol 132 range starts at 131
prolactin: 9.1 range 2.1-17.5

thats all i have recently. i literally don’t know where to go.should i just go with the hcg protocol and see what happens? i read about it here and ksman recommends 250 iu but im at 1000 and i can already feel it badly in my system (ugh bloating). im thinking of reducing it (on my own) to 500 atleast. im scared about the lydig cells and other hormones with this high dose.
symptoms: ED, low sperm count, insomnia, depression, anxiety, hard to gain muscle, hard to concentrate, no libido, no motivation, feeling cold all the time and constipation.
this is how i look: https://fantasia777.imgur.com/all#1
photo taken 2 months ago but i look 2 pounds lighter than that.

diet: 2800 calories
high carb fat and moderate protein
strength training 3 days a week and cardio 2. other than that i walk 1 hour daily and sedentary

my heart pulse is at 38. did an mri of heart and other tests and nothing wrong. doctors dont want to treat other things until i fix test.