How do you dry your wet gym cloths and towels?

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Looking for some interesting ideas on the best way to dry my gym things.
I go to the gym 5-6 days a week some days are just a spa day with bike, stretches, dryheat sauna, and a lap pool.

Pretty much every day I have a wet bath towel, wet micro towel, wet swimsuit,
I rinse my gym shorts and top in the sink after every workout so when I climb into my car
I open the gym bag and spread everything all over the seats front and back to dry for the next day.

Do they make a gym cloths line for an SUV? What or how do you dry your stuff?


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When I lived in Dallas, it wasn't much of a problem.

The inside of a car in Dallas during summer gets up to 170 F, which is hotter than most clothes dryers.