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I am absolutely brand spanking new to this community and only 7 months into TRT. I'm concerned about my prescriptions being filled by Hallandale. I have noticed exactly 0.5ml shortages on 3 occasions now...the first time I assumed that it was my error, the second time I was certain it was not my error in drawing the T from the vials and now I absolutely know beyond doubt that I am receiving vials that are 0.5ml's short....oddly enough the very first prescription I had ever received was actually 0.25ml over filled?? Anyone else ever have this problem with Hallandale and/or other compounding pharmacies?

Also not sure about the potency of the Test-Cyp because I began to feel completely blah and back to square one as if I didn't even start TRT to begin with and sure enough my latest labs confirmed my physical awareness...

Current TRT: 100mg/1ml per week Test-Cyp, 400iu/0.4ml twice per week HCG and 0.3mg of Anastrozole per week

December 2017 (Felt horrible at this spot which is the reason I pursued TRT)

Total T- 377ng/dl
Free T- 5.5 pg/ml
E2-15.1 pg/ml
Hemocrit 44.8

March 2018 (On track, feeling good in all aspects including weight training gains and visible muscle mass, etc.. but, felt room for improvement still)

Total T- 698ng/dl
Free T- 12.1 pg/ml
E2-21.9 pg/ml
Hemocrit 46.3

June 2018 (felt like I crashed horrible, worse than before I started TRT as if I was injecting complete blanks?)

Total T- 354ng/dl
Free T- 8.3 pg/ml
E2-11.2 pg/ml
Hemocrit 49.0

All labs were fasting, blood drawn the exact day of my injection due date, prior to injection.....I have stopped taking Anastrozole two weeks ago per Dr. suggestion and will admit I do feel better, but not close to how I was feeling back in March 2018.

I was very consistent with injection day and times, the only discrepancies were the times I had to inject at 0.5ml/50mg short due to lack of Test-Cyp in the vials..

Thanks in advance for any direction, help, advice, etc....
My MANTRA ....
A living mantra and I add to it as needed.
Anastrozole is verrrrrry powerful stuff.
I added a link to a GREAT article on E2.
First step is education....
Cannot tell how much research you have done on TRT.
If not a lot, I recommend you get a few books.
Get a few good books and educate yourself now:
1. Get Nelsons book "Testosterone: A Man's Guide".
2. Get Lee Myer's book "Natural Versus Testosterone Therapy".
3. Get “Testosterone for life - Dr. Abraham Morgentaller “.
4. Get “The Definitive Testosterone Replacement Therapy MANual: How to OptimizeYour Testosterone For Lifelong Health And Happiness” by Jay Campbell.
These books will give you a much better understanding of TRT....

One other forum that has great info that might be useful to you is:
GREAT article onE2 – A MUST READ
Dr Saya's Videos on Testosterone Therapy and Side EffectManagement
Second step might be to have a look at your thyroid and see if any issues there.
Do some research.
I do like Tiredthyroid as a starting point.
Easy to read sections.
References at the bottom of each section (and NOT from people wearing "tinfoil" hats)
See below:
Basic sources to research Thyroid issues and testing:
Spend time here and get the 2 books, “STTM: The Revised Book” and “STTMII:Authored by Doctors”.
Great simple to understand articles.
Get her book.... “Tired Thyroid: From Hyper to Hypo to Healing—Breaking the TSHRule”,
A lot of clear researched information that is easy toread and understand.
Good info here. Look around.
A LOT of good articles and a youtube page.
Spend time here looking around and reading after getting labs back.

Do you have Hypothyroidism?
The CompleteHypothyroidism User Guide for Patients (2018 Edition)
Need information on testing....
Read here:
And here:
and here:
and here:
and here:
And here:
Some additional links to read before you receive the books you have already ordered
Go here:
and download:
TRT: Recipe For Success
Print out.
HCG Update.
the TRT Power Point presentation.

Dr. Crisler is one of the "TRT Cutting Edge DR's" here in the states....
Also go here:
and also print out the article.

ALSO look at the videos that are posted on this site. A LOT of great info totake in....
Now you will have a great reference library and knowledge base to go forward on!

We've beaten this topic pretty well in the past. Is your vial short, or is it not overfilled like they claim? When I had Hallandale's Cyp i was tracking it multiple times and it came out to just barely overfilled, like I would get 1-2 days more shots out of it than I projected to get. My only beef with H was that this claim of being overfilled was apparently false. Important distinction if you're actually short on the vial, or it's not overfilled.
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Is it possible for you to use Empower Pharmacy?

Hi Vince,

As of last week I just made arrangements/agreement to PrimeBody due to my current provider leaving me in the absolute dark, even after I had made numerous verbal and written requests on my part to discuss my regressive/phyical feelings. I couldn't even get a copy of any of my labs until I demanded so while mentioning HIPPAA....once I received my labs, it confirmed my T-levels plummeted which ended up lower than before starting TRT.

Aware that I have the control to choose pharmacies, I told Prime to exclude Hallandale as a supplier....but, as with all research...its easy to gather TOO much information as I see many feel Hallandale's potency/quality are on or above par? It is so easy to get inundated with info as a TRT newbie! I am actively educating myself more and more about TRT!

I just received a recent prescription from Hallandale, so I must use this final batch before being allowed for new supply/prescription to be filled from new provider....I believe it will come from APS?...will have to confirm.

Upon consult with new doctor....It was suggested to increase Test-Cyp to 150mg once per week, 350iu HCG twice per week and ZERO Anastrozole until my E2 raise up to 20-30......I am patiently and desperately waiting to feel good again!
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Wow! I can't Thank You enough for being so thorough and taking the time to supply me with all of this information! I quickly opened a few links and I am elated to see the wealth of information!

I appreciate it this VERY MUCH!
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We have a member from Prime body that will help you, Sean Mosher. I would message him.

Thanks Vince,

So far, I've been very pleased with Prime Body as I have just begun dialogue and sure I will be ON TRACK once I start my new regiment with Prime!

I was just at a complete loss how my original TRT clinic started out so awesome, excellent communication, etc....then the moment I reached out for help when I starting feeling crappy, mentioned vial/volume shortages and wanted to review my labs in an attempt to correct all these issues...I was met with complete silence and not one attempt to return my correspondence or address my concerns...I sent texts, made calls, left messages, e-mails....yet NOTHING? but, my credit card would be charged and the scripts kept coming from Hallandale without change......I told my wife, it was like I was injecting plain old grapeseed oil only and I was getting worse with each passing day....Lesson learned and hoping for great success with Prime! Not sure if I can handle being ignored, feeling horrible and taken for granted again!
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Yes, as Vince said, please feel free to reach out to me if you want/need to!

Thank you BIGTIME Sean! So far, I have been dealing with Justin B. who has been great,went forward with another LabCorp draw then had consult with Dr. Rotman with a new game I wait to run the course with current scripts before new scripts are able to be filled/released. I started this thread because I was so concerned about actual meds I receiving and I really think I was overthinking it due to vial volume shortages (which shouldn't happen regardless?) and mostly because I could NOT get answers from my original TRT provider....sounds like Anastrazole was the culprit for my ill feelings, not the actual T potency, etc.....
In light of the fact that this is a customer service issue, and that contact has been established between a representative of Prime Bidy, our good friend Sean Mosher, and the member, I'm closing the thread so that they can pursue resolution ohh-site.
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