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Hello to everyone, started my TRT this week at 100mgs of Test Cyp a week. Doc gave me a few different options...I'm trying out the sub-q route. I'm 5'10 about 195 right now...could lose about 15 lbs of fat. Also I'll be 43 in a month. Been a lifter since I was 16..started more of bodybuilding when I was around 25. Got up to a decent looking 240, goal was 250, but I just couldn't eat enough and didn't even want to look at food. Anyways still enjoyed lifting and went down to a nice lean 215. Everything was good till about a year ago. Got depression, ate like shit, slept like shit, and other than some pushups and pullups here and there, didn't really exercise. And biggest thing my sex drive went down big time. So I'm doing the Sub-q, 25 mgs on Mon. Tues. Thurs. Sat. ...doc said M T TH F. But I think it more beneficial to not skip 2 days to keep things more steady. Just started so we'll see. I'll repost about it in a couple weeks. Anyone running something differently on 100 a week, I'd be interested in hearing about it. Sorry so long. Hope we all get the most out of this! Good luck, sincerely Russ.
Welcome. It would be great if you could post your pre TRT labs with ranges. Did you get a good thyroid workup? Anything else in your protocol? Hcg? AI? What supplements do you take? These will help the guys on here help you better.
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I will get them, I'm still waiting for a couple to be sent to me...Doc told me but I forget. As of right now I eat clean as possible. No AI or HCG yet. Supplements, I was taking Boron at 12 mgs a day, 6 morning, 6 at night. I got it off of Amazon Ionic Boron..costs $10, liquid taste like saltwater. It's suppose to increase your free test levels. I can't say for sure if it does, but for me if made my testicles nice and full, bigger than normal, but my sex drive didn't increase. Out of 3 test my total Test was 340, 272, 275. I'll get the other numbers. Also I take Beta Sitosterol, from Pure Science, suppose to help with prostate, but it does increase my sex drive a little. Again I was already taking this just for good prostate health. And Zinc. Boron we use to get through foods but as time went by farmers didn't replace it in the soil, so in today's world we don't get enough in our diet. I recommend for whoever is interested to read about it. That's about it for now.
Okay just post the labs with ranges when you have them. Hcg is an interesting compound. Some guys feel a lot better when they're on it while others feel nothing. It will keep your balls nice and full and may raise your E2 some. I think more guys use it than don't but I've never taken a poll. I use it because I don't want my nuts to shrivel.
Welcome to Excelmale. Did you discuss your sleep patterns with your doctor? Lack of sleep can, and does, hammer your hormones (on top of which, Dr. Saya argues that there is an epidemic of undiagnosed apnea sweeping the industrialized world).
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Here are my test results....

Total testosterone: 275 ng/dl
Sex Hormone binding Globulin: 19.6 nmol/L

Albumin: 4.0g/dL
Free Test: 73 pg/mL
Free Androgen Index: 48.6%
Estrodial: 9.2 L pg/mL
Prolactin: 6.62 ng/mL
LH: 48.28 mIU/mL
Here are my test results....

Total testosterone: 275 ng/dl
Sex Hormone binding Globulin: 19.6 nmol/L

Albumin: 4.0g/dL
Free Test: 73 pg/mL
Free Androgen Index: 48.6%
Estrodial: 9.2 L pg/mL
Prolactin: 6.62 ng/mL
LH: 48.28 mIU/mL
Ranges, since all labs establish their own, are important. Was your estradiol measured via the LC, MS/MS (sensitive) lab test?
My MANTRA below...
EXELMALE is a GREAT site with a lot of knowledgeable folks to help....
First step is education....
Cannot tell how much research you have done on TRT.
If not a lot, I recommend you get a few books.
Get a few good books and educate yourself now:
1. Get Nelsons book "Testosterone: A Man's Guide".
2. Get Lee Myer's book "Natural Versus Testosterone Therapy".
3. Get “Testosterone for life - Dr. Abraham Morgentaller “.
4. Get “The Definitive Testosterone Replacement Therapy MANual: How to OptimizeYour Testosterone For Lifelong Health And Happiness” by Jay Campbell.
These books will give you a much better understanding of TRT....

One other forum that has great info that might be useful to you is:
GREAT article onE2 – A MUST READ
Dr Saya's Videos on Testosterone Therapy and Side EffectManagement
Second step might be to have a look at your thyroid and see if any issues there.
Do some research.
I do like Tiredthyroid as a starting point.
Easy to read sections.
References at the bottom of each section (and NOT from people wearing "tinfoil" hats)
See below:
Basic sources to research Thyroid issues and testing:
Spend time here and get the 2 books, “STTM: The Revised Book” and “STTMII:Authored by Doctors”.
Great simple to understand articles.
Get her book.... “Tired Thyroid: From Hyper to Hypo to Healing—Breaking the TSHRule”,
A lot of clear researched information that is easy toread and understand.
Good info here. Look around.
A LOT of good articles and a youtube page.
Spend time here looking around and reading after getting labs back.

Do you have Hypothyroidism?
The CompleteHypothyroidism User Guide for Patients (2018 Edition)
Need information on testing....
Read here:
And here:
and here:
and here:
and here:
And here:
Some additional links to read before you receive the books you have already ordered
Go here:
and download:
TRT: Recipe For Success
Print out.
HCG Update.
the TRT Power Point presentation.

Dr. Crisler is one of the "TRT Cutting Edge DR's" here in the states....
Also go here:
and also print out the article.

ALSO look at the videos that are posted on this site. A LOT of great info totake in....
Now you will have a great reference library and knowledge base to go forward on!