Healthy Body, Healthy Mind – #ChooseTRT Campaign

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Recent events have highlighted the need for more men to address their hormonal health, safely and effectively. This is why we are launching a campaign to increase awareness surrounding the importance of hormonal health in mental well-being. Please have a read -
Healthy Body, Healthy Mind - #ChooseTRT - The Men's Health Clinic

We have also asked guys to share their personal stories in how TRT has helped, if you would like to contribute, we would be delighted to add your story to the blog below. Simply email with your narrative -
My Story - #ChooseTRT - The Men's Health Clinic

I wrote a blog recently that hopefully collates the evidence and presents it in an easy to understand way
TRT – The New Male Antidepressant - The Men's Health Clinic

This is important, it's time to stand tall and help others on their journey to mental well-being.

We will be launching a campaign t-shirt in the near future, a proportion of the profit will go to CALM, the Campaign Against Living Miserably. I'll keep you posted.

Dr Robert Stevens