had first defy consult today

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So I had my first defy consult with dr calking today. Went very well, I felt he heard me and let me talk. I obviously am not a rookie to the entire TRT thing since I have been at it over 4 years. He adjusted his conversation to my level of understanding, nice. I did not feel like I was just patient number .......
I had a nmr lipid profile as well a crp and homoecystine done with the intake labs. So we spent time going over all of that as well.
Since I have stabilized my HCT out of control climbs, we are going to go three days a week at 30mg each. So 90 mg per week, still low for most guys, but I want to go slowly, as we are going to add hcg into the mix, which I expected. Also, my dhea was at bottom range, so will be doing 30 mg/ day of that. Seems like a lot of things to be adding at once.
Do you guys think that as well? Should I maybe hold off on dhea and keep same protocol on T cyponate I am on and only add hcg?
I think you should add the DHEA, shouldn't hurt anything. May raise your estradiol levels a little bit. 30 mg is really too much, many members use a lot higher amounts.
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I agree with starting low and working up. My e2 is running 15 at t his point, so if it goes up a bit not too big of a deal.
I just thought changing 3 things to my protocol at one time seemed like a lot. No control to measure against.
Hi buggies, you just paid for Defy's recommended protocol based on your current bloods and current protocol.
Why would you want to change their recommendations?
All these things work with one another you change one thing and the protocol could fail. An if so you can only blame yourself.

I see nothing wrong with asking for EM members opinions but I am pretty sure none of them have Dr. in front of their names.
I would take their advice with a grain of salt.
When I started with Defy I'd been taking test for two years with other doctors that were clueless on how to manage it. With my first consult they started me on HCG 500IU twice a week, and DHEA 50mg, D3 5000IU, CoQ10 200mg daily. Everything worked out great for me; I feel great again,

My DHEA at my first lab for my initial consult was 84. After my 90 day lab it jumped to 385 taking 50mg daily. Sometime afterward my wife purchased 25mg DHEA since that is what she was prescribed so I took that. My DHEA dropped to 144 on 25mg. I'm back on 50mg daily to get it back up.
Glad your consult went well, buggies100.

Adding HCG and DHEA (often concurrently) is a very common step towards a more comprehensive TRT/HRT regimen. Many thousands of men have done the same under our guidance. While I certainly appreciate, from the scientific viewpoint, only changing one variable at a time, the fact is that most men do well with the inclusion of HCG/DHEA concurrently. Admittedly, as always with hormones, everyone is unique and some folks have a peculiar reaction to HCG and/or DHEA, but these are the minority. Ultimately the final call is yours. Be sure to communicate exactly what you were taking on your follow-up consultation to allow accurate assessment of your levels and regimen.