Female Friend is Looking for Help Interpreting Bloodwork

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Hi does anyone know of a ‘credible’ forum similar to Peaktestosterone but for women where women share a common understanding about healthy/optimal Hormonal balance?
My friend is looking for an interpretation of her blood work - She is Danish and the doctors in Denmark seem to have a limited practice concerning HRT.

Just getting a blood analysis pr request is very difficult.

This is her blood work:

She is 21 y/o and has symptoms pointing towards a hormonal imbalance, she is normal weight.

Lethargy and lack of motivation, low mood, low libido, decreased sensitivity to touch, decreased appetite, irregular & delayed menstruation cycles, Constant Inflammation around breasts muscles & intense pain when touched/massaged, acne on shoulders and face, White hair growth over entire face, Mild spontaneous anxiety during the day and Difficulty falling asleep.

17-Hydroxyprogesteron nmol/L 1.48
Reference range: < 3

Androstenedione nmol/L 4.93
Reference range: 2.4-8.9

[DHEAS] µmol/L 5.12
Reference range: 1.20-9.50

FSH IU/L 4.9
Reference range: 3.5-12.5

LH IU/L 3.9
Reference range: 0.5-18.0

Cortisol nmol/L 189
Reference range: 60-320

Progesterone nmol/L 0.7
Reference range: 0.6-4.7

TSH ×10-3 IU/L 1.71
Reference range: 0.40-4.80

Prolactin ×10-3 IU/L 310
Reference range: 35-600

SHBG nmol/L 63
Reference range: 18-144

Testosterone Total nmol/L 1.0
Reference range: 0.4-1.7

Testosterone free nmol/L 0.0141
Reference range: 0.006-0.034

Estradiol nmol/L 0.06
Reference range: 0.15-0.60

Vitamin B12 pmol/L 198
Reference range: > 200

gamma-Glutamyltransferase U/L 9
Reference range: 10-45