Does thyroid medicine help you lose weight?


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Hello! Before I started TRT recently I discovered my TSH was high (5.44) and I had TPO antibodies present. Which I guess would signify Hashimoto’s. Anyway, I just took another TSH test and antibodies test to see if it improved since starting TRT. Should get results later.

But my questions is, if I have to go on thyroid medicine, will it help me lose weight. I’m not exactly obese, in fact I am fairly muscular cuz I’ve been working out religiously for 25 years. But I’ve managed to put on an extra 30 lbs.

Does thyroid medicine help lose weight?
In general if TSH is elevated it does indicate that your pituitary gland is detecting a problem with the thyroid gland and is responding accordingly, having Free T3 midrange or slightly better will support fat burning ability provided Reverse T3 isn't to high. It seems you've gained weight and now know why, so yes thyroid medicine will allow you to lose significant weight provided you're working with a knowledgeable doctor.

Your pituitary gland is indicating hypothyroidism.
Do not know how much research you have been doing on your thyroid issue.
Below are some links to some great thyroid sites to ck out:
Here is a site that may focus more on Hasimotos, that might of value.
General thyroid below********************************
Do some research.
I do like Tiredthyroid as a starting point.
Easy to read sections.
References at the bottom of each section (and NOT from people wearing "tinfoil" hats)
See below:
Basic sources to research Thyroid issues and testing:
Spend time here and get the 2 books, “STTM: The Revised Book” and “STTMII:Authored by Doctors”.
Great simple to understand articles.
Get her book.... “Tired Thyroid: From Hyper to Hypo to Healing—Breaking the TSHRule”,
A lot of clear researched information that is easy toread and understand.
Good info here. Look around.
A LOT of good articles and a youtube page.
Spend time here looking around and reading after getting labs back.

Do you have Hypothyroidism?
The CompleteHypothyroidism User Guide for Patients (2018 Edition)
Need information on thyroid testing....
Read here:
And here:
and here:
and here:
and here:
And here:
Yes, good thyroid levels improves everything including weight loss.
Yes to what Vince said.
Limited knowledge on Hashies here.
You need to dig deeper to understand the issues at hand and treatment protocols.
Hashies does pose a different dilemma than just being Hypo.
If you are being treated with JUST T4, and you also have conversion issues of T4 to T3, you will not feel your best.
FT3 is the primary hormone that interacts with ALL of your body.
Some need a combination of T4 and T3, even on Hashies, to get the benefits...
Dig deeper and do your research.


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Yes, good thyroid levels improves everything including weight loss.
But what does "good thyroid levels" really mean?

The forum mostly means higher than average thyroid levels are better, a faster metabolism is better. Average being the middle of the top of the high and low range. But if one is in the middle, nearly everyone suggest boosting thyroid levels to near the top of the range!

Why is near the top optimal?

Research suggest this lowers life expectancy and increases oxidative damage.

A scientific study conducted in 2011 on a group of people over the span of 15 years, measured subjects' metabolic rates regularly, using two different methods. The deaths that occurred from natural causes were documented. For every 100 calorie increase in the individual’s metabolic rate, which must mean an increase in oxidative damage, researchers found that the person’s risk of death increased by almost 30 percent.

So does optimal levels really equate to what your goals are, more energy or longer life?
That's interesting DragonBits and is currently the dilemma I'm facing. My free T3 is mid range and it was suggested to me that I take NDT.