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Hi All,

I am using Defy Medical and they send the prescription to a compounding pharmacy. I dont really prefer this and rather I get it from a pharmacy close by and one I trust. I really dont want to deal with compounding pharmacy delays and refills, being put on backorder and having to wait, quality of medicine being bad, etc...etc... I much rather get it from my CVS like I have always been getting.

My doctor here in my area can write the prescription for me and send it to my pharmacy. I was thinking I can either:

1. Ask the Defy doctor to give me the copy of the prescription and I can give it to my doc and he can input it with my pharmacy?

2. If Defy refuses to give me a copy of my prescription I can just tell my doctor the dose and name and he can write it up for me?

Do you think these ideas would work and Defy would be willing to accept one of these options? I mean they cant deny me the right to have a copy of my prescription can they?



I use Empower Pharmacy through Defy Medical, I've never had any issues at all dealing with Empower Pharmacy. Plus I prefer to use grapeseed oil or sesame seed oil than big Pharma cottonseed oil. Well that's my two cents.
You have not specified what you are taking. A big reason that Defy uses Empower is that they offer products and formulas that are not available from standard pharmacies like CVS.
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I am taking Testosterone and have always gotten it from my CVS. The reason I dont want to ask Defy is because im afraid they may decline my idea once I put the idea in their head. They may come up with some excuses to decline my request.

I go to CVS and they supply me with my testost. I dont have to deal with shipping fees, back order delays or extra waiting times. Plus my insurance covers my prescription from CVS. I dont know if the compounding pharmacies defy works with, takes insurance.

Do you see anything wrong or illegal for Defy to just give me a copy my prescription and then I can give it to my doc here and he can write it up for me and put the order in the pharmacy?
Feel free to contact Defy Medical and discuss this with the customer service department. I'm sure they'd be open to any ideas that work a patient's advantage that supports their business model.
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