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Who here has used Defy Medical and worked with one of the other Dr.'s or Nurse Practitioner (other than Dr. Saya)? It is a two week longer wait for Dr. Saya, so I was thinking of going with one of the other staff and was curious to hear your experience? Thank you!
I had a consult with Mellisa from Defy,she was very nice, answered my questions and set me up on my current starting protocol. I believe she is a RN Practitioner and knows Dr. Saya's protocols. If you're in a hurry to get in,I see no reason why you would hesitate talking with a skilled RN, she is following the Doctors orders, I don't believe the Doctor just lets his skilled staff do any thing without reviewing what they are doing.

When I do my follow-up in a month, I will speak with her again, as I like to deal with the same person dealing with me. If I have a problem then I will request an MD, until then I am comfortable with a RN Practioner. The other great guys in this group can probably tell you more as some have been with Defy a lot longer then I. Good Luck to you!
I've use Melissa and Jill, I believe Melissa is a nurse practitioner and Jill is a RN. If your a new patient it would be nice to use one of the doctors, but I'm sure Melissa would be fine. If you're already a patient and have a protocol, Jill would also be good. I like all the doctors, nurses and staff at defy Medical.
I"m another that had their initial protocol setup by Melissa and had follow-ups with her. My last follow up was with Jill. I find both of them to be professional and know how to treat patients.
For your first time I suggest you wait and pay a bit more with Dr Saya as the experience is well worth it. But I always see Nurse Jill Dillenburg she's exceptional for me.
My first consult was with dr calkin. It was great. I feel when you deal with ond of the staff you are dealing with all of the staff. If you are moving along with no problems maybe just fine tuning, you are great. If you have a problem you will be delaing with tem all as they will discuss your situation amongst themselves.
I have dealt with Melissa, she was great. I doubt you will go wrong with any of the practitioners. If you are new to TRT and are anxious to get started, I would take first available. Get started on a protocol. You will have follow ups shortly there after anyway. You can decide then if you want to choose different practitioner. good luck
I had my first consult today with Christee and it went great. She is Very knowledgeable and answered all my questions. Dr Saya has final review of the protocol set so no concerns here.