Can't get it right with E2

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Hi, I am having some issues with testosterone. Been trying to catch the right balance of E2 for over 6 months and no luck yet. I been constantly testing it when I have symptoms of high or low, and so if I go to the lab and the results come back and says 50-60 pg then I know it is high and take anaztrozole tried initially at 0.50mg but then lowered it as I crashed my E2 multiple times, but even If I take 0.25mg anaztrozole like 2 or just 3 times a week and I go and test again, it comes at like 4-5 pg, then I stop anaztrozole and it goes high again eventually like in a week, but in the meantime my libido and night wood is so weak that I feel at any level of E2 it is working for me? - I would expect that if E2 is going up or down, I would feel good sometime in between, or maybe it changes so fast that my body does not get time to react?

Please help from experienced guys controlling E2.
Either you are an over responder to the AI or you are using the wrong E2 labs, are you using the LC/MS/MS sensitive E2 test? You don't take an AI 2 or 3 times a weeks, it's either one or the other. You should be taking the AI at the time of injections, please describe your protocol.

Weekly dosage?

How often do you inject?

We really need your labs.

The amount of info you provide will determine the quality of advice given.
lower your dose to 40mg twice a week or 50 mg twice a week without any AI until your e2 stabilizes or you will mess up yourself like i DId.. when you crash e2 and stop AI your e2 will skyrocket on labs but you will feel bad anyway because it takes a long time to recover from estrogen crash.. forget about bloodwork make sure you don't take too much testosterone and suck it up eventually you will feel good.. trust me I've been in your shoes many times
once you crash your e2 you will feel bad regardless of testosterone and e2 levels on bloodwork for a couple of months sometimes longer