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HI I’m a 46-year-old male living in the Midwest. I’m 6 foot tall and weigh about 190pounds. I’m running 15 to 20 miles per week, cycle 40 to 60 miles a week and lift 2 to 3 times a week.Relatively muscular with a 44 chest and a 34 waist. Had my T checked a number of years ago and it came in at 242. Was put on injections every two weeks which brought my T into the mid 800s. However also saw increased agitation and quick to temper. Physician pulled me off injections and give me androgel topical 2 pumps per day. T checked again and it dropped 200. Increased topical T3 pumps per day. Cholesterol good blood sugar since about 105 so maybe slightly pre-diabetic. Also have sleep apnea. Do have a CPAP struggle to use it. I’ll beenlethargic for the last six months and more recently have experienced severe night sweats. 4 to 5 nights a week waking up covered in sweat with the bed soaked. I typically try to focus on a high-fat low-carb a hydrate diet which seems to work for me. Suggestions? Thank you for your help . Recent blood work completed
People that use a CPAP usually rent them until they find one that's comfortable, then they buy it. If you could find a proper TRT doctor, I would think he would put you on injections. Then you could have proper labs and adjust your poor protocol until you get dialed in.
Welcome to Excelmale. It will help focus conversation if you can post all lab work, with associated reference ranges, when you have it available. When you were on injections "every two weeks," did you mean that you were receiving an injection once every two weeks? If so, that's a dreadful protocol, as has been demonstrated many times. However, you did post a total testosterone in the 800s: when was that blood work captured? Just prior to an injection, in the trough? Did you agree with your doctor's decision to pull you off injections? Where has your estradiol been during all of this? Was it measured with the sensitive, LC, MS/MS, lab test (the one men have to rely on)?
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Will definitely post my labs. When I was at 800 t the blood work was done at the end of week one so yes in the middle of the trough.Correct I was giving myself an injection every two weeks It was my wife that I actually brought up to me the change in personality with the injections a confirmed some of what I already saw increased anger and irritability. I did agree with the doctor recommending I come off the injections. The AndroGel is easy to use but does not seem to be as effective.
Most members here inject twice-weekly, to help prevent the highs and lows. I use an easy touch 29 gauge half inch syringe and inject 16 mg of testosterone daily, for even less highs and lows.