Blood tests and Clomid Test result after 2 weeks

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Hey there, I've been following for a while and gained a lot of information so I thought I'd share. In 2016 I was 28 years old and had my first full blood panel drawn after feeling very lethargic and unmotivated for some time. I had been a wrestler through college and continued to train for MMA and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu competitions but felt the added stress of work and life were weighing me down. Here are those results (they are the ones that are linked as photo attachments):

(At the time I was probably 170 lbs--5'11"--with what I perceived as above average strength in my competitions against competitors in my weight class and very strong endurance able to do MMA and triathlons)

Total Test 391 ng/dl (348-1197)
Free Test 7.7 ng/dl (9.3-26.5) LOW!!!
T4 8.0 ug/dl (4.5-12)
T3 uptake 32 % (24-39)
Free Thyroxine Index 2.6 (1.2-4.9)
LH 5.0 miu/ml (1.7-8.6)
FSH 6.0 miu/ml (1.5-12.4)
Vit D 52.4 ng/ml (30-100)

The doctor at the time said since I was 28 there's no way anybody could prescribe me trt and I didn't know much about the topic at the time and thought I could just control this with a better diet and re-strategizing my workout routines. I started eating a much higher fat diet, using coconut oil in everything including coffee a few times per week. Lots of animal protein too. But appetite could be hit or miss. I stopped doing crossfit style workouts multiple days per week as well as training bjj/wrestling multiple times per week and switched to a 5x5 strength training program MWF with my bjj and wrestling as my HIT workouts. I added the following supplements:

Vit. D3 5,000iu ED
Boron 10mg ED
GNC Mens Multi
Plus various other "test boosters" for support

Two years later I got tested again, weighing 184lbs and:

Total T 420.5 ng/dl (249 - 836)
Free T 84.35 pg/ml (30 - 150)
SHBG 33 nmol/l (10 - 57)
Vit. D 49.7 (30 - 100)

This time my doctor, because my symptoms of low T persisting, prescribed Clomiphene Citrate at 50mg ED. I took this dose for 5 days and felt terrific immediately! I could feel a glowing effect within a few hours after my first dose, and kept the same feeling for about 3 days. Positive attitude, clarity of thought, motivation, energy, confidence, ect. Morning erections also came back immediately. However, this burst of positive symptoms slowly faded, not completely, but just enough to be in the background but still notice them throughout the day. After 5 days of 50mg ED I found out my insurance will only pay for 10 free pills per month and then I had to buy the rest out of pocket, so I switched to 25mg ED starting the second week.

1st week: 50mg ED
2nd week 25mg ED

After two weeks on this protocol I got new Total and Free T Tests and here are the results. I cannot believe (I can actually, because I can feel a huge difference in life and workouts):

Total T 848 ng/dl (264 - 916)
Free T 11.5 pg/ml (8.7 - 25.1)

I am thinking about ordering some Armistane to cut down estrogen to raise my Free T. I think that if I could get Free T to around 2-2.5% of Total T I would be perfect.


Hey man. So have you gotten the Estradiol Sensitive test? I don't see any E2 numbers. And with a dosage that high of clomiphene it's probably going to skyrocket your E2. A low starting dose is 12.5mg EOD, or 25mg EOD, I don't think anybody does 50mg ED anymore, and even 25mg ED is on the higher side.

Then again with all that wrestling and BJJ you probably have low body fat so maybe you don't convert to estrogen as much as other guys, but still you need to get that test and watch out for E2 going too high.
Your TT looks great but FT low. This is the problems with SERM like clomid. They end up increasing SHBG and lowering FT. That + clomid’s estrogen like effects and very few are successful using clomid monotherapy to fight low T symptoms.
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Thanks for pointing that out. My doctor did not order estradiol on any tests yet. I have always been very low bodyfat and I remember when my doc originally prescribed the clomid he did say that if I began to feel any side effects he could give me arimidex I think, but also said that estradiol tests are not accurate when on clomid. I've been seeing that most people are doing very small doses too, I was originally a little skeptical of doing the 50mg/day because of that. But I felt great on the full dose and only went down to 25/day because of the cost to stretch my pills out.

I went ahead and ordered an AI online (armistane) just to have until I am able to get my doc's opinion on ordering me an Estradiol Sensitive test. Would there be any danger/concerns in me taking an AI before I have that test done just to be safe? Like if I started taking a small dose MWF and if/when my doc writes me a script for an Estradiol Sensitive test I could stop those for a week and then get tested? He said the next test he wants for TT and FT is in two months now.
He told you that estradiol tests are not accurate when you are on Clomid? If that was said, he is grossly mistaken. Adding an AI to our protocol without testing, blind, if you will, is foolish in the extreme. Be prudent, order the e2/sensitive test in your own at
Wait until you get your estradiol levels tested before adding any AI (specially in your case where you are not having any bad and obvious high estradiol symptoms). You can end up tanking your estradiol and feel terrible for no reason. Be patient
Clomiphene can elevate SHBG which means a lower percentage of free T. As to what your doc said about the estradiol testing, if he said the test was meaningless I think he definitely overstated it. But the test does seem to require an asterisk beside it. The estrogen agonist part of clomiphene makes it so your sensitive E2 test will understate results basically. (Greater chance of high E2 effects than the E2 lab number would indicate.)