Best time of day for hCG monotherapy injections?

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After 9 years of Clomid use, I'm switching to hCG.

I'm doing 750 units 2x a week (Monday and Thursday). Is it better to inject in the morning, or evening? I'm assuming evening, since natural testosterone production tends to occur during sleep.

I read a few other threads on this topic but was curious to see if there's a general consensus.

I'll be happy to update with my thoughts on Clomid monotherapy v hCG after I get some labs.
For me...HCG mono drove my E2 through the roof. Then the AI game begins. For me, this was not a sustainable HRT option.

If you still try it, I would suggest talking to your Doc about more frequent & smaller doses as an option to consider.
I am not on mono but I inject 400iu twice a week Monday and Thursday. I inject first thing in the morning.
To be honest I don't think it matters. What is the half life of HCG? Doesn't it take a while to get up to a therapeutic lvl?

If you are secondary an can get your boys working again E2 could be an issue. Looking forward to reading about your next blood test.
Best of luck.
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So I'm 3 weeks on HCG mono, and I figured I'd give a little update. I have another thread going with my history, so I might add something there, in case it helps others.

I'm currently doing 750iu twice a week.

No labs yet - but I feel way better than I ever did on Clomid, or Clomid + Anastrozole. Specifically, a huge bump in my libido, and sexual functioning. I still can't get an erection without the use of medication, but the medications are working significantly better. Most importantly - my semen volume had decreased dramatically, and that's come back, as healthy as before.

Also, my general mood is way more stable. None of the side effects I was having before - Acne/Hairloss. I've put on a little fat, but I've also let my diet go this month, so it probably has more to do that than with the switch of meds. Too soon to tell how it's affecting me at the gym.

Depending on what my blood says, I'd like to increase just a hair - I don't think two injections is enough to cover the week. I tried 500 x 3, and I didn't feel as good as I did at the 750 x 2, despite it being the same amount of medication at the end of the day.