Aldosterone and TRT, hydrochlorothiazide and increasing potassium intake, smart or not?

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after over 2 years on TRT I'm just getting to understand the water retention aldosterone issue, I had really bad water retention and really bad fatigue and other symptoms during the 2016, I was able to improve them quiet a bit by lowering my E2, still there is some water retention so decided with Doc to try hydrochlorothiazide 2 to 3 times a week as needed, If I understand well TRT increase aldosterone activity, Aldosterone retain sodium, water and excrete potassium, taking hydrochlorothiazide will excrete potassium sodium and chloride, eating high rich potassium food will cause to increse aldosterone production as well,

I need to increase my carbs intake for muscle building purposes and a convenient way for me is to eat 3 bananas a day, it sounds like a great idea to me since the hydrochlorothiazide and aldosterone story, but am I really doing something smart or I'm just making the body to secrete more Adosterone?