Afternoon Test of Testosterone levels

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Guys my friend (who is 44) got these results but the thing is his blood was taken at 5pm in the evening, going by that, at a guess how much higher would his testosterone be if his doc took the bloods at 10am morning - seems SHGB is low too

Testosterone 423 ng
SHBG 26.6 nmol

I think the below is normal, right ?

Tsh 1.49 normal 0.270 - 4.20
Free t4 15.4 normal 12.0 - 22.0
Free t3 3.7 normal 2.6 - 6.2
Bloods taking beyond 10am are useless, 423 at 5pm is excellent. That's not really low SHBG, low SHBG is below 20. Thyroid numbers look good.

You really need to get labs early in the morning.

Does your friend have any symptoms?
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Tired all the time - ear ache - constipation -brain fog - forgetfulness - blurred vision - stress - anxiety -
He also is positive for antinuclear antibodies which suggests possibly lupus
FWIW about nine months ago I measured 588 at about 8:30am blood draw. Recently I visited my doctor with some issues and he unexpectedly ordered blood work and I went down to the lab (1st floor) and got blood drawn at about 4pm. T levels came back at 475. Since I don't really feel any issues I can attribute to T levels, and my weight lifting is fine, I am not concerned and just consider the reduction from the circadian trough. Your friend should have a draw first thing in the AM just to be sure but he is probably not a likely candidate for TRT at those afternoon levels.