6 weeks at 120mg, test levels finally went up!

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New member, need advice on latest blood test results

hey guys, 6 weeks at 120mg test cyp, 60mg E3.5D

-6 weeks 120mg, fasting and trough,discounted labs/labcorp

TT-933 ng/dl(264-916)
Estradiol sensitive-39.6pg/ml(8.0-35.0)

My previous labs,

-1 week at 120mg(was freaking out about man boobs)discounted labs/labcorp


-3 months at 100mg, fasting and around 42 hrs after injection(peak?)med center lab

FT-81 ng/dl(50-585)
Estradiol non sensitive-37pg/ml(26-61)

-Pre TRT, med center lab

No estradiol or SHBG

So I had some pretty good success going from 100mg to 120mg. Estradiol is a little high, but I only experience slight nipple burning occasionally, usually after injection and a couple times to peak, no swelling or lumps. Prolactin has always been higher, I do have a TBI, but no pituitary tumor. So I have some questions before I see my doctor this week.

1-How does the FT look compared to the TT levels?
2-How do I compare the FT 16.1pg/ml to the previous FT 81ng/dl?
3-Any guesses on what the peak TT and FT could be?
4-Since I'm a higher SHBG guy at 45(10-50)would there be any reason or benefit besides convenience to switching from my 60mg E3.5D to one 120mg injection a week, or would this affect estradiol too much?

Any input would be greatly appreciated, thanks
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So ng/dl to pg/ml is easy conversion, just multiple the ng/dl by 10 to get pg/ml. That makes me think you might not have the right numbers? For example: I have a FT of 264 pg/ml, so that would be 26.4 ng/dl.

Peak TT and FT shouldn't be much of a concern, you just want to feel your best! Your TT looks pretty good. How are your symptoms?

As for dosing, the benefit of more frequent dosing is less peaks. A higher peak with just one big dose means you'll have more estradiol conversion since there'll be more testosterone around to be aromatized. Many on the board, myself included, do injections every other day. Some even do daily!
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Just about all my symptoms from the past 10 tears are gone. To name a few, lose of strength, muscle loss, prostate problems. In fact I’ve gained about 17 pounds over the past 8 weeks, with some very noticeable muscle gain. I don’t think my testosterone has been this high in a very long time, if ever. I saw my doc yesterday, and as expected she freaked out about my TT level. She had me reduce my dose 10mg a week, shouldn’t make a big difference, but it will make her happy. More frequent injections are out of the question for now, I have a bit of a needle phobia, but I’ve decided to stick with E3.5D instead of going back to once weekly. Thanks
Chris where do you get your blood tested? LabCorp? I ask because T usually listed in ng/dL and Free T in pg/mL.
You have the correct values on your first blood numbers but they are different on the others listed is this a typo?
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The lastest labs in pg/ml are LabCorp, previous labs are from the medical center lab, there FT results are always ng/dL
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I’m officially confused. My FT is 16.1 pg/ml(6.8-21.5)LabCorp. DrTRT said his FT is 264 pg/ml, way higher then mine, what would the reference range be for that?? I have triple checked all my past results, always FT ng/dL, reference range(50-585)this is Hershey med centers lab. I assumed ng/dL was normal until I received my LabCorp results in pg/ml. Doc is having me do labs in 8 weeks, through med center. This will obviously makes things more confusing, because apparently there not testing properly. I’m too new to this to understand all tests and ranges right now. I will continue my own testing with LabCorp in the next few months. As for now I feel pretty good. Thanks
Back in Mar 2017 before I was at Defy my PCP attempted TRT he used LabCorp note the units and ranges for T and FT

Here's a LabCorp TT FT just ran 2 weeks ago. Looks like LabCorp has changed the units they report Free T in.